I could see Bill Cosby doing the pudding pop dance, right now. Not only was his wife’s attorneys successful with putting a deposition-where she would testify against him-on hold, but he has also had two Los Angeles sexual assault cases thrown out and now this; the defamation case against Cosby, filed by Janice Dickinson, may be kaput as well.

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Dickinson filed a lawsuit against Cosby, claiming that he defamed her named when he said that her story of a 1982 drug and rape incident did not take place. A California appeals court ruled that her case has no standing, and she can not force the 78-year-old comedian into a deposition-for now, that is.

The case will take the back burner until Cosby has the time to argue that the case should be thrown out, completely.

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#IJS: Right now, Bill is winning.