The saga continues with former Philadelphia Eagles players claiming that Chip Kelly, head coach, is a racist. LeSean McCoy was a notable player that called out Chip Kelly for being a racist and Kelly has since argued that he isn’t; however, Brandon Boykin hints that he is! Check the gallery to see the post!


The accusations surrounding Chip Kelly reminds me of the story, ‘The Boy That Cried Wolf.’ I mean, we keep hearing the same story over and over but I feel like the masses won’t be satisfied until some outlandish form of racism is spewed by Chip himself. Not taking a side on the matter–YET–but how many times will we keep hearing the same story and not think there could be any truth to it?

The Pittsburg Steelers have just acquired Brandon Boykin as of yesterday and he did not waste any time on voicing his feelings about his ex-coach Chip Kelly. In a series of text messages to NFL reporter, Derrick Gunn, Boykin explains how he thinks Chip Kelly is uncomfortable around African American players. Boykin also says Chip needs to be in complete control of every aspect and often does not let them be who they are.

To me, this sounds like trouble in the locker room. Whether its the music that is played or the conversations that are had in a general setting (me being a former athlete and just knowing how the locker room works) is what Brandon Boykin meant by Chip being uncomfortable. Shortly put though, this sounds very similar to claims we have heard about Chip in the past.

This definitely seems like a story that is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon, so, I would not be at all surprised if more claims come out in the future.