So we all have been watching Mariah Carey prance around in love with her new boyfriend James Packer. Well it seems as before Mariah came along there was a Mrs. Packer. Mrs. Packer better known as Erica Packer is now dating the artist Seal. I guess there is enough Packer’s to go around! Check out the pictures of the romantic get away of the two new love birds.

The Australian Model Erica Packer, was once married to the billionaire James Packer whom is now dating Mariah Carey. Lets not get it twisted though Erica is well off by herself and has quite of a resume for herself. The Model was actually seen on television. You might recognize her from the hit series like SmallVille. Mrs. Packer was not just an extra she played Lois Lane! Starting as an extra and landing the full time role for 7 seasons straight.

Just a week after going public with the relationship, Seal & new girlfriend Erica were seen on a romantic Italian getaway. We wish the best to both couples as the world realizes the comparison in the two . Mariah is now with Erica’s ex and Seal is with Jame’s Ex, leaving us to wonder what is Heidi Klum up to ?

The Dutchess