JR Smith apparently is a very spontaneous person because he up and got married in the matter of a week according to reports. The strange thing here is JR has been with a girl by the name of Ashley Weatherspoon for a couple years now off and on. They even were just on vacation together just a few weeks ago but now she is on the outside looking in as JR married Shirley, the mother of his daughter.


Looking back on things now, JR posted a hint that he might have realized what he needs to do earlier this week on Instagram.

The now former girlfriend, Ashley was literally with JR at the Finals and has been in his life for a while so she was definitely someone very serious to him. Clearly not serious enough though if these reports are true.

Congrats to JR & Shirley for realizing the time was right in their eyes to make things in their life more official. It is hard to find any pics of them together, which explains the older looking photo in the gallery

Below is the video Ashley filed herself while on vacation with JR just a couple weeks ago

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