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President Obama Talks Ferguson One Year Later, Says He Feels A ‘Great Urgency’.

Today marks exactly one year since the death of 18 year old Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Parking riots, purest movements and a renewed look at the role race plays in American society policing, Obama speaks out. As a part of its Ferguson anniversary coverage, NPR has released part of a new interview with President Barack Obama as he anseres questions about race as a political issue in the U.S.

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Morning edition host Steve Inskeep pushes the president on the topic, asking if Barack Obama could have addressed race issues sooner in his presidency if a second term wasn’t at stake.

Barack Obama said :

“That I don’t buy,” Obama responded. “I think it’s fair to say that if, in my first term, Ferguson had flared up, as president of the United States, I would have been commenting on what was happening in Ferguson.

“Here’s one thing I will say: That I feel a great urgency to get as much done as possible.”

You can listen to the full story that NPR released on Sunday, which is only a small part of the larger interview with President Barack Obama that is set to air next week.

Listen to : Barack Obama Talks Ferguson One Year Later, Says He Feels A ‘Great Urgency’ Below!