It’s been one year since Michael Brown was shot dead by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Although the #BlackLivesMatter movement reached new heights this year, more people of color have died from police brutality and to be put frankly, we’ve had enough and so have Run The Jewels. During their global tour, Killer Mike & El-P explained why all the rioting and protesting that continues to occur around the US is a good thing. Find out more after the jump!

Run The Jewels believe the riots and protests that began in Ferguson are working. Killer Mike & El-P chopped it up with BBC News and explained why they feel like the peaceful and sometimes destructive protests have changed the lives of the Ferguson community for the better.

“Riots work. I’ve never said it like that before. I’m an American because of a riot. The Boston Tea Party is sold to us from the time we’re kindergarteners to the time we graduate high school. We were told that Americans and Patriots got so fed up with paying taxes to the crown that they decided to burn some shit to the ground.”

Since the riots ended in Ferguson, Ferguson now has two black city councilmen, a black police chief, and more advocates than ever before. Throughout the year, we’ve witnessed more African Americans die in the hands of police like Staten Island resident Eric Garner, Freddie Gray of Baltimore, and Texas resident Sandra Bland. If the people of Ferguson changed their community with protests, then the rest of the country may have a fighting chance to change as well. Watch what they had to say below.

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