Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the tragic death of Eric Garner. What began the eye opener on un law full policeman and the war between right and wrong. Daughter of the late Eric Garner, Legacy Garner and her mother released a dove in memory of his 1st year anniversary in heaven. Check out the photos of the protesters and activist who came out to show respect for not only Eric Garner , but for his family, friends and anyone else in the world who have had to die at the hands of police brutality.

Last July 17th, Eric Garner was questioned by police when seen selling un taxed loose cigarettes. A crime that is completely un-harmful to any and everyone. When Garner resisted the handcuffs in disbelief , police used excessive force that led to his death. The slogan “I can’t Breathe” was worn by millions across the world including celebrities, basketball teams and rights activist , in respect to Eric Garner. This year he is still remembered and respected across the world. Especially right back in his own community where it all began.

Earlier this week , the city offered Eric Garner’s family 5.9 million dollars to settle the case against the police department. It has not yet been said if the family agreed, in fact I also heard the family said they wouldn’t settle until 75 million dollars. Regardless you can’t put a price on a father, husband, son and human being. So today the world reflects and pays their respects to the late Eric Garner across the nation

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