The hit TV series ‘Empire’ is being hit with lawsuits left and right. Earlier this week, a woman filed a suit against the show claiming, that she’s the “real Cookie Lyon” and Fox and Lee Daniels allegedly stole her life story. Now, Marvin Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III is suing Daniels and the network claiming ‘Empire’ was his idea.

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Marvin Gaye III is not pleased with Fox or Lee Daniels about the hit series ‘Empire’ as he claims the show was his idea and is ready to go to court over it. This isn’t the first time Gaye’s filed a lawsuit either. Last year he took Robin Thicke and Pharell to court over their song “Blurred Lines” with the claim it sampled Marvin Gaye’s hit song, “Got To Give It Up” and he won. Now it seems he’s ready to go head to head again.

Gaye says, back in 2010 he registered a treatment on a show called “Diamonds & Ballads” with the Writers Guild of America. The show features a family in the music industry, which he describes as “a music based ‘black’ and ‘hip’ version of ‘Dynasty’ with a hint of ‘Sopranos.'”

Apparently Gaye, shopped the show around to several TV executives and claimed it was vaguely based on the lives of his own family and the Berry Gordy family. Gaye now claims that Lee Daniel’s associates received his emails pitching the show.

He backs his claims, due to statements Daniels made previously about the show when it was deemed a huge success. Daniel said, “I wanted to make a black ‘Dynasty.'” and it was similar to “The Sopranos.”

According to TMZ, Gaye’s lawyer said, they plan to file a lawsuit against against Daniels, Fox and others. He said, “We understand that three things can’t be hidden for long: the Sun, the Moon and the Truth!”

Source TMZ