Meek Mill has not been getting much hometown support in his recent rap beef with Drake. This week, Meek caught some heat from fellow Philly rapper Ar-Ab after he screamed ‘F*ck Ar-Ab’ during his Camden, NJ performance on the Pink Print Tour. Today at Eagles camp, speakers were blasting Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ freestyle.


No love at home?? It has definitely been a rough run for Meek Mill in these last few weeks–despite what he may say. Yes, we know Meek his getting money out here but the fact of the matter is, his reputation is definitely hurt. Aside from major corporations and networks taking shots at him following his twitter rant about Drake, his hometown Philadelphia Eagles are trashing him too.

‘Back To Back’ X Philly…

At this point, do we begin to feel a little sorry for Meek about the backlash he’s been receiving even though he started all of this? Two things are for certain, Meek still hasn’t tweeted since the twitter fingers/trigger fingers reference and the only way he can possibly restore his own credibility is to drop some fire because it does not look like this situation is going to blow over any time soon! And I don’t mean another diss track because that ship has clearly sailed.