UPDATE: And so it begins. Just yesterday, a video surfaced of Meek on the Pink Print Tour taking shots at a fellow Philly rapper Ar-Ab and as expected, Ab followed up but not on Twitter or just talking in a video, he brought some bars to the table. Ab goes in over Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ and he definitely takes some very personal shots at Meek. It looks like the attention–for now at least– has swayed from Meek v. Drake to Meek V. Ar-Ab. Check the post to hear the freestyle!



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The trickle effect is definitely real after Meek decided to air out Drake on Twitter a few weeks ago. Following Meek’s infamous Twitter rant, Drake followed up in his ‘Back To Back’ Freestyle where he shouted out the well known Philly rapper, Ar-Ab, as a jab at Meek. Ab has since been seen co-signing his endorsement from Drizzy and Meek was not too happy about that!

This is where things can definitely get interesting if you ask me. Anyone who is familiar with the underground rap scene in Philly knows exactly who Ab is. Meek decided to keep this beef alive with Drake after a unanimous decision from the people that Drizzy has already taken the W. In last night’s Camden show, Meek not only took shots at Drake, but also a hometown rapper as well.

Meek On Ar-Ab…

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Following last night’s comments, AB took to Twitter to air somethings out about his hometown, Philly. Aside from him tweeting things like ‘City of Brotherly HATE,’ taking shots at Meek for making ATL trap music, and being on the Pink Print Tour, I think we can assume one of two things: that Ab is going to give us some bars for Meek or the streets will let things play out. Obviously everyone wants it to stay off the streets, but judging from the words, one can never be too sure.

Those few tweets Meek sent out a couple weeks ago have definitely sparked a much needed fire in hip hop; however, it has also caused many other issues to surface following the aftermath.