(Photos) Fabolous Kicks It With Will Smith & Omari Hardwick At #OVOFest

Omari Hardwick x Will Smith x Fabolous

On Monday night, Drake kicked off his OVO Fest in Toronto with a jam-packed crowd in attendance along with an impressive star-studded roster present in the building.

Fabolous took to his Instagram page to post up a flick kickin’ it with Will Smith and Power’s own Omari Hardwick backstage at Drizzy’s show.

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(Photos) 50 Cent Calls Ja Rule A “F**king Punk” After New Feuds Ignites The Old



…and it begins. Ja Rule responds to the madness coming from 50 Cent. Looks like the two will be bringing that old s**t into the one five.

“This ho has a lot of balls!!!,” Ja Rule begins. “Unfortunately, she also has a pussy. Shut up before somebody put a dick in ya mouth [insert eggplant emoji.” Oh, it’s getting nasty out in these here hip-hop streets.


Boy-oh-Boy! This seemingly everlasting feud between Meek Mill and Drake seems to have brought back old feelings for two artists that were in their shoes some years ago. Meek Mill’s diss song to Drake consisted of a reminder in the 50 Cent versus Ja Rule squabble.

This morning [Tuesday, August 4], after revealing how he feels on the latest hip-hop beef, 50 added that he has not forgot about a certain interview that Ja Rule did. Now, he has something to say.

Find out more below.

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(Video) Shoot Out Happened During An OVO Fest After-party Leaving Two Dead


Following his need to diss Meek Mill again, Drake served as host for the official OVO Fest after-party in Toronto. Only thing, I’m sure that he didn’t expect Muzik nightclub to be literally l.i.t., however it was.

Find out more after the jump.

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(Video) Drake Previews Third Meek Mill Diss Track At OVO Fest


The rumor on social media yesterday was that Drake would be premiering a third Meek Mill diss track during OVO Fest, but that wasn’t really the case. However, we did get a preview of it, so we do know it exists.

“F*ck a chaser when we taking shots”

This should be interesting if he drops another one! Check out the video below.

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(Photo) Sports: Jeweler Dave Bling Shares The Story Behind Drake’s Championship Ring


Drake is rocking a nice, new, huge piece of jewelry on his finger in the form of his very own OVO championship ring. While twitter had jokes yesterday saying the ring was for crushing Meek Mill, the jeweler behind the ring is saying it has nothing to do with Meek. He does admit though the timing of the ring being delivered is a big plus for Drizzy.

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(Photos) NBA: Drake Unveils New Raptors Jerseys During #OVOFest


While Drake was busy last night at #OVOFest trying to put the final nail in Meek Mill’s metaphorical coffin, he was doing it in style, unveiling the new alternate Raptors jerseys for next NBA Season.

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(Photos + Video) Drake Taunts Meek Mill During His Performance At #OVOFest!!


After what Drake just pulled earlier tonight, Meek Mill will never want to go back to Canada again. If you’ve been following the high-profile feud between the Toronto native and the Philly MC, then you know Drake saved the majority of his ammunition to fire off during his performance at OVO Fest this weekend. Not only did Drake fuel the fire with his “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt, but he used his performance to completely trash Meek one meme at a time. Watch Drake’s wild performance after the jump!

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(Video) KING PETTY: Drake Spotted Wearing ‘Free Meek’ T-Shirt During #OVOFEST Warm Up!

Drake wearing a "Free Meek Mill" shirt

Drizzy is definitely going in for the KILL! A video was caught of Drake going over his set list for tonight’s perfomance at OVOFest and he was seen wearing a ‘Free Meek’T-Shirt!

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DJ Drama’s Studio Engineer Speaks Out About Leaked Reference Tracks

Drake x Quentin Miller

The Meek Mill versus Drake saga has played out to be quite an interesting one, and with OVO Fest continuing tonight, I think one can safely assume it’s far from over. Let’s take a step back to see how we got here, though.

Meek Mill came out of nowhere nearly two weeks ago now on July 21, blasting Drake on Twitter and claiming that he doesn’t write his own rhymes – particularly his verse on Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money cut, “R.I.C.O.”. In his rant of sorts, he named a guy by the name of Quentin Miller. At the time, no one had really heard of him, save for a few people hip to the underground music scene in his hometown of Atlanta, and perhaps hardcore Drake fans who may have seen his name in the credits for a few songs on If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late.

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Quentin Miller Is NOT Credited As A Writer On “R.I.C.O.”

Drake x Quentin Miller

With all this talk surrounding Drake, Meek Mill and the infamous Quentin Miller, many have seemed to not really care about the reference tracks and Meek’s “ghostwriting” claims, as it’s clear as day that Quentin is credited as a writer on all 3 reference tracks leaked from If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late: “Know Yourself,” “Used To” and “10 Bands.”

However, if you’ll recall, the main cause behind this beef was Meek saying that Drake did not write his verse for their collab on Dreams Worth More Than Money, “R.I.C.O.” A QM reference track for Drake’s verse on that was leaked as well, but many assumed that perhaps he’s credited as a writer on there too. Complex did some digging today, though – and it turns out he’s not.

Suddenly Meek’s ghostwriting claims aren’t so far-fetched. Does this change your stance at all? Let us know!

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