Dez Bryant is not someone to usually bite his tongue. In fact, the only time he doesn’t just say what he is feeling is after something else may have happened and he doesn’t want to draw anymore attention to himself. In this case however, he couldn’t help himself after an idiot writer referred to him as a “problem” player for the Boys.


David Moore of the Dallas Morning News made the reference after the Cowboys and Rams brawled in practice earlier this week. He seemed to insinuate that Dez as a problem after being mixed up in two fights. Funny thing is though that brawl with the Rams had EVERYONE involved and Dez definitely had nothing to do with it starting, so what is this guy really saying??

You’ve heard it all before. You’ll read it here later as head coach Jason Garrett and executive vice president Stephen Jones address Bryant’s actions during the team’s two days of practice against the Rams.

Here’s what they don’t say. Passion doesn’t give a person the right to act or lash out whenever he or she wants. An impulsive display of passion often results in reckless or irresponsible behavior.

Dez heard about the comments and responded accordingly, which of course means Dez really told him he sucks as a writer and he will fight again.

The reporter didn’t have any comeback for that.

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