It is safe to say this is some real sick sh*t.

A Michigan man was shocked when he came home to discover his wife in bed with her father – COMPLETELY naked. As soon as he walked in to such a horrifying scene, the two men began to argue outside. When things escalated, his father-in-law proceeded to stab him up – leaving him with a perforated right lung and extreme stab wounds in his back.

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The 25-year-old victim was rushed to McLaren Hospital-Oakland at approximately 3:30 AM on Sunday morning, where he was met by police for questioning.

Apparently, his wife had gotten home blacked-out drunk and passed out naked in bed. When she woke up, her father was also naked in bed next to her. After the altercation went down, the father stole his son-in-law’s car and fled from the scene. The police have yet to find him. Luckily, the victim is in stable condition.

Keep in mind, her father had just been released from prison and was staying in their home until he got back on his feet.

SMH, can’t do favors for anyone now-a-days!

Source: MLive