Talk about a dope birthday gift!

Fast & Furious star Tyrese popped up at his co-star/best friend’s house, Vin Diesel, to surprise him with a late birthday gift. Unlike most people, the R&B crooner didn’t show up with a new watch for his buddy or some fly new kicks. Instead, Ty came to Vin’s home with a customized Sprinter – fully loaded with cable, AppleTV, an upgraded air conditioning system plus much, much more.

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Prior to showing up, Tyrese explains how Vin had told him awhile back that he was interested in Sprinters due to the fact he has three kids and thinks it would be cool to ride around with them in it. Being that Tyrese has started customizing his own Sprinter line, it was only right.

Vin Diesel’s reaction to his new whip is absolutely classic. Check it out below!