Ice Cube Photographer Sues Forever 21. Photographer is saying that the retail store used an image of his without his permission. Hop into the post for all the details!#IFWT!

Ice Cube’s photographer says that Forever 21 used an image of his without his permission. Patrick Hoelck is suing Forever 21 for using an image of his without any permission. He is the photographer who took the famous photo of Ice Cube snarling (that you can see for yourself in the gallery). Forever 21 used an image to make a women’s sweater with his face in the Oakland raiders logo and a men’s T-shirt with the same design.

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The Photographer is also suing clothing company Control, who designed a similar shirt. Patrick Hoelck says that he sent a letter to both companies in June demanding that they stop selling the T-shirts, but neither complied, so he is taking them to court for the profits from the products. Forever 21 released the women’s sweater , along with other N.W.A inspired clothing, in 2013 and after receiving criticism for the collection , took the items off the shelves.

Hop into the gallery to check out the clothes that used Patrick Hoelcks photos! #IFWT!