Last season, Chris Bosh, power forward for the Miami Heat, left the season half way after being hospitalized for an unexpected health issue. Bosh was told that he would be out indefinitely and his health was severely at risk.

Now, Bosh is focused on returning for another ring.

Genny Noel

“When it comes that close to being over, you think about different things.”

Bosh suffered from a pulmonary embolism in his left lung. Fans and players around the country sent their support via Instagram and Twitter, but he says that he is ready to play.

The 10x All-Star says he has some unfinished business and is looking to experience his 3rd championship with the Heat. Bosh also wants to continue to lead and even step up his leadership skills on the team.

Bosh is excited for the new season and getting back on the court with star guard, Dwayne Wade, and the rest of the Miami squad. The Heat have won two of the last three NBA championships. With Bosh returning and talk of another ring, the Miami players are very confident in the 2015 season.

We have the experience, we have the talent, we have the leadership, we just all have to bring those things together. (If we) bring the chemistry on the court, believe in ourselves, and just go out there and let it hang loose and compete, then I think we’ll be alright.

The Heat has been a threat to opposing teams for years. Even after superstar baller, LeBron James, broke up the Triple Threat (Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh), Miami is still on the maps of most teams. With Bosh’s health progression and on-court training, it is no question that Miami will be on fire this season!