Northern California residents are searching for answers to why a reservoir ran dry overnight, killing thousands of fish. Read more for additional details.

California Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry Overnight, Killing Thousands Of Fish

Mountain Meadows reservoir also known as Walker Lake, is the location west of Susanville, California.

“Everywhere that you see that’s wet, there was water,” said resident Eddie Bauer.

Residents say folks were fishing on the lake last Saturday, but it drained like a bathtub overnight. Bauer has lived adjacent to this lake his entire life, and it’s the first time he’s ever seen it run dry. Residents are requesting answers.

Pacific Gas & Electric spokesperson Paul Moreno sad, “It’s the situation we worked hard to avoid but the reality is we’re in a very serious drought, there’s also concerns for the fish downstream.”

“This makes me feel like they didn’t want to do a fish rescue and that it was easier to open that sucker up Saturday night,” Bauer said.

PG&E officials say nobody opened the dam up and the water ran out.

“The reservoirs are all continuing to be far below normal,” said Doug Carlson with the Department of Water Resources.

“We are reliant upon rainfall to fill those lakes of course and until we get more rain we’re not likely to see any appreciable increase in the reservoir levels,” he said.

If you’ve been watchful of California, there’s an earnest concern over water shortages that have initiated formulated water usage rates for residents throughout California.

California Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry Overnight, Killing Thousands Of Fish