We all know and love Jennifer Aniston for one thing or another. Whether it is for her roles on TV/big screen or her love triangle with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer is always being talked about. Today, she makes headlines after appearing at the premiere of the show The Leftovers, for the first time as Mrs. Theroux.

Genny Noel

Justin Theroux, Jennifer’s husband, is actually a star on the HBO hit series and was alongside his gorgeous, new wife at the premiere.

The Theroux’s were shown laughing and gazing happily into each other’s eyes on the red carpet (see gallery for more photos).

The couple kept the wedding intimate at a Bel-Air location on August 5th. Post honeymoon, the couple is beautiful and reportedly happy. According to People magazine, Theroux says

“married life is fantastic.”

Aniston has been in the tabloids for the last eight years (at least) with her social life spread across the pages. Most comments were about her struggle to deal with the Brangelina drama, others were about “who she is dating now.”

Finally, the Friends star can put all of that behind her and enjoy her new life as a married woman.

Jennifer, 46, and Justin, 44, do leave hope that it doesn’t matter where you are in life, you can always find your true love.