On Wednesday, a man in San Diego, California, had a SWAT team occupied for several hours for displaying capricious behavior, which includes throwing urine and frozen foods at neighbors.

Man Throws Frozen Foods And Urine At Neighbors

Christopher James Pearson has a history with erratic behavior and neighbors have felt uncomfortable since he’s been on those neighborhood blocks. Scott Tadlock said he feels like he has been held hostage in his home all summer, ever since Christopher James Pearson, 49, moved into his Pacific Beach apartment. Tadlock said, “He threw an old bucket of old urine at my wife”.

Other neighbors say he would be up at all hours of the night, hollering and hammering. So, Tadlock chose to get a highly sophisticated surveillance system for checking the suspect.

One image from the cameras shows Pearson throwing frozen meat and vegetables at the family, Tadlock said. In another, the suspect is whipping the back of his truck with a leash.

“He continuously thinks someone is breaking into his place all the time,” Tadlock said. “Even when he’s in there, he claims he sees them.”

In addition, the neighbor says footage shows him looking for an imaginary intruder, Tadlock said, and attempting to screw the doors shut to trap the person inside.

Plus, the suspect doused the outside walls of his apartment with lighter fluid. This is when a witness called the authorities, so the SWAT team arrived.

He barricaded himself in his attic, and went back-and-forth with the police for several hours.

Pearson surrendered peacefully, using an electric cord to climb down from his second-story window.

Neighbors have filed for a restraining order, and it’s interesting to know what role manager will play in subsequent proceedings.

Man Throws Frozen Foods And Urine At Neighbors