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The Kevin Durant and Stephen A. Smith saga has taken a dramatic turn.  It all began when Smith said sources told him Durant preferred to go to the Lakers if he decided to leave the Thunder.  Durant fired back, calling Smith a “liar” and saying none of his family members or friends speak to the ESPN anchor.  Smith responded to Durant on Twitter saying he never claimed to speak to Durant or his family members and that he is not a liar.  As you know it’s Stephen A. and a simple tweet response would not be enough, after all, his show “First Take” is built on drama.  So today during the show, Smith delivered a WWE style rant to come at KD.

In true Stephen A. Smith style he boasted about his long tenured career, how many people he knows and how many stories he’s broken.  For those reasons he threatened Durant letting him know he surely doesn’t want Smith to get back in the field and break harsher stories.

Smith also made it clear that he’s responding what Durant said about him, not attacking Durant personally.

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