Bridgeport, CT has a kidnapping problem. Someone kidnapped a young girl today in the Port. Not the first time this year or decade, and to no one’s real surprise. However, this one got away.

Practice your tuck and rolls. They really work! A 17-year old girl escaped her kidnapper by tuck and rolling out of the car.

Emma Rabid: Twitter ~ Instagram

You go, girl! No, really. Go.

Traffic cam caught the footage as the car passed the corner of Boston Avenue and Palisades Avenue. You can actually see the girl laid out on the road, safely out of the car. A hispanic 40-something-year old woman lured her into the Yaris (complete with some of the styrofoam bumper showing.) The girl may not have had enough street smarts to avoid getting in to begin with. However, at least she chose getting smarted by the street over the kidnapping.

After she escaped, the Yaris took a U towards Stratford.

Police are still tracking down the kidnapper. They have not yet released the video. If you want to discuss this incident, please call Bridgeport Detective Jeff Holtz at (203)581-5293.

Source: News 12