A California man is in police custody after killing his mother and slicing her heart from her chest because he claimed she was killing herself with prescription painkillers. When asked how he felt about his actions he told detectives, “good.”

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Omar Pettigen, 31, has admitted to killing his mother, Nailah Pettigen, following a heated argument in their California home. He said that he committed the crime because she was killing herself with the oxycodone painkillers she had been prescribed after knee and hip surgery.

The former math teacher was discovered after her ex-husband requested a welfare check at her home when he did not hear from her or their son in days. Police found Nailah Pettigen’s lifeless body on her bedroom floor in a pool of her own blood with her underwear pulled to her ankles; she had an incision from her neck to her cervix and suffered several gunshot wounds.

According to online reports, Omar Pettigen told officials he put his mothers heart back into her body then masturbated because he needed to release.

He was described by police as calm and remorseless during his arrest. He has been charged with murder and desecration of human remains, and he is being held without bail.

Nailah Pettigen is described as a kind and caring woman who loved to help others. She was remembered by neighbors and friend with a candlelight vigil earlier this week.