It’s been a messy day for “Ready” rapper B.o.B. After some images of he and a model named Briteady surfaced, it was concluded that the relationship between B.o.B. and Sevyn Street was officially over. Now, not only does Bobby Ray confirm the couple’s break-up, but he also admits that Briteady, although he would like to “smash,” was a publicity stunt to sell the lady’s jewelry line.

“Why ya’ll blowing everything outta proportion ’cause Bobby Ray tryna smash,” he asks in his latest Instagram vid. Bobby Ray is single. Bobby Ray is newly single. Hell yeah, Bobby Ray will promote your jewelry line if Bobby Ray is tryna smash.”

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A video posted by B.o.B (@bob) on

A video posted by B.o.B (@bob) on

Me personally, I’m a little saddened that Bobby Ray and Sevyn didn’t last and would like to think that’s the end of it all, it is not. In some text messages received by Fameolous_, B.o.B and Briteady exchange a few words.

“Here’s a business tip .. whatever you want ppl to know about your jewelry line, your brand, your promo .. post it NOW,” he writes to the young lady.

As they go back-and-forth, Briteady wants to clear the air. “I just don’t want to look like a groupie .. My only concern,” she says. “But I think for it to look legit, I would need to post it tonight. I’ma tag you in it tho.”

Tsk Tsk. Anything to get your name … brand … promo … ass out there. Lol.

Check the gallery for more of the messages.