A Boston nanny is possibly facing time in jail after stealing almost $300,000 from her employers!

Genny Noel

Stephanie Fox, a 30-year old nanny for the Heintz family, allegedly took checks from her employer, Grace Heintz and her husband, and forged them so that they were addressed to her. Over the course of her employment, Fox stole a total of 65 checks and a totaled amount of $280,000.

As a part of her purchases, Fox told the FBI that she collected jewelry , lavish trips, and even a down payment on a new truck. So while she flossed in diamond pendants and Movado watches while traveling to the Bahamas, Aruba, Hawaii, Newport, Cape Cod and Disney, it was all on the Heintz family dime.

When addressed with the accusations, Fox immediately confessed.

“This was done on impulse, as a way to support a lifestyle that was beyond my means,” she said.

Defense attorney, Joseph Perullo made a statement through ABC News explaining his client’s mental disorder, calling it “spending compulsion.”

“She has a spending compulsion. Some issue she has mentally to want to acquire things beyond her means. It’s very irrational behavior that’s not sustainable.”

Perullo also shed some light on some similar events that Fox has been dealing with since 2011. He stated that she has been in and out of court for writing bad checks and blamed it on her mental disorder.

Fox had worked for the Heintz family since February 2013.