The ABC Family network recently revealed Nicki Minaj will be executive producing and starring in a new series based on her life growing up in Queens, New York. With the anticipation for the show growing Ellen DeGeneres decided she would share what she called an “exclusive” clip for the show, but was actually a spoof skit that caused outrage on Twitter.

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“I have one more thing that I think will boost your mood,” Ellen said as she introduced the clip. The scene opens up with a young Nicki Minaj coming down the stairs after her mother calls her to ask if she left her shoes in the living room. As she approaches the bottom steps, the young actress bends over revealing her giant backside. As the clip goes on, the family members move throughout the house, destroying everything with their huge butts. Young Nicki and her parents then attempt to sit down together on the couch, but have great difficulty because of their backsides and once they become still, the family dog comes into the scene revealing a giant butt of his own.

The skit which was supposed to be a joke, sparked outrage on Twitter. Fans immediately dismissed the sketch as funny and called it “racist” and “distasteful”

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