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LAPD reports, a video uploaded online that shows someone flash a loaded gun while filming a police officer is an attempt at publicity from an old hip-hop group , but instead of gaining efficient publicly, it has still led to an investigation and at least one arrest thus far.

LAPD Arrest Man They Say Flashed Gun In Rap Video Promo

One of the quotations taken from a statement, “The investigation revealed that the film was made by members of an early 1990s rap group no longer in fashion” and was “posted on social media to ignite a comeback.”

The LAPD determination was it was for the purpose of entertainment but when they initially learned of the event, it was treated as “high-leveled.”

Alex Izquierdo, 35, was arrested about 3:10 p.m. Wednesday in Hawthorne on a warrant for having a loaded firearm in the car and having a prior conviction for a similar offense, LAPD Officer Liliana Preciado said. He was released from custody after posting $200,000 bond.

Izquierdo was identified by another member of his 1990s Chicano group Brownside as “Klever.”

The soundless video is shot from inside a car parked behind a police cruiser in downtown Los Angeles. It shows the police car, then moves to the person’s lap and shows the loaded gun, which the person then hides under a bag or piece of clothing. It then moves back to the police car, where it shows a uniformed officer get out and walk away.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said, “We believe, based on interviews that we’ve done, that this individual was trying to promote his career as a rap artist and wanted to gain some type of street credibility by displaying this video,” Beck said. “Nevertheless, he committed a crime.”

At a police commission meeting, Beck said a secondary suspect had been arrested on a previous property crime warrant and that police were negotiating with the primary suspect’s attorney for him to surrender.

LAPD Arrest Man They Say Flashed Gun In Rap Video Promo