A New York City police officer is killed in the line of duty after pursuing a potential theft suspect which ended in a gun fight. He is the fourth officer killed in the past 11 months.

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Randolph Holder, 33, was shot and killed while pursuing a possible theft suspect in East Harlem. Witnesses described seeing several men flee across a pedestrian walkway that crosses FDR Drive and alongside the highway.

The suspect, Tyrone Howard, allegedly stole a bicycle to continue his getaway when he was approached by Holder and another officer on a different pedestrian walkway. Words passed between the group before gunshot rang out. Officer Holder was shot in the head and died at the hospital shortly after.

As third generation police officer, Holder worked in Police Service Area 5 patrolling the public housing projects of East Harlem.

Mayor de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton were outraged and scorned the NYC court system that left freed Howard regularly despite his 16-year-long rap sheet, ultimately leaving him free to kill Officer Randolph Holder.

Howard was caught after being shot in both legs. He has been treated and charged with murder in the shooting death.