In Acadia Parish, La. two educators at a costume party turn heads with their costumes. Iota Middle School Principal Lee Ann Wall and her husband Jeptha Wall, who is a coach at Crowley High School, show up wearing what appears to be a costume of a lower class Minority couple.

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Source: WTNH.com

In the picture, Jeptha is wearing a red bandana around his waist with a gun tucked into his belt and money coming out of his pocket. Lee Ann has a basket full of black and white dolls with a sign that reads “You wait on pay day, I be waiting for da first of da month!” Many had a lot to say about the picture calling it a act of classism and racism. Although not all the commentary is negative, with some members of the town claiming its just a costume. “If they’re teaching your children right from wrong in the schools, what does a costume have to do with it?” – Penny Fontenot.

Some people in the town also went on to say that if they are trying to make fun of people on welfare or people in low income situations then the costume is wrong, even though the ones responsible claim the costume was “people of Walmart.” Apparently the school board has taken action but hasn’t announced what the action was.