The Aurora Colorado movie theatre shooter James Holmes was attacked in prison earlier this month. Find out the full story after the jump.

Remember the guy who massacred ‘The Dark Knight’ movie premiere at Aurora movie theatre in Colorado back in 2012? 2 months ago he was given a life sentence for each of the 12 people he killed and an additional 3,318 YEARS for the other 70 people he injured and for rigging his apartment with explosives for authorities to find when they arrived. That man is James Holmes, 27, who is spending the rest of his life and than some at Colorado State Penitentiary.

Earlier this month, fellow inmate Mark Daniels, attacked Holmes when he was being transported to a day hall, where he is allowed to spend four hours. Daniels is serving time for menacing, auto theft, assault and smuggling contraband into prison. He is now facing assault charges against Holmes and the correctional officer escorting Holmes to the day hall.

There were no injures towards any party involved, so no serious charges will be applied. Prior to this incident, on February 25, 2017 Daniels would have been eligible for parole if he hadn’t attacked Holmes. I guess seeing a mass murderer with no remorse alters your state of mind a bit. Unlike Daniels, Holmes will not be eligible for parole at any time during his sentence and it is documented as the fourth-longest sentence in history.


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