New Rules are in effect and stressed out students worry no more. A new announcement was made on behalf of teachers,parents and students Nationwide. What will the new testing regulation be. Read ahead for the full story.

The Obama administration says there are responding to the voices of parents students and teachers nation wide. New Guidelines were established towards standardized test claiming students spend too much time preparing for “unnecessary” tests in school. After sharing a video on the house Facebook page obama says the time students spend testing they can be learning a new language,or how to play a new instrument.The New plan is only a recommendation with no binding regulations the “Testing Action Plan” full details will be released in January by the Obama administration.So for know here’s what we do now. The plan recommends that students spend no more than 2% of classroom time taking these test. The administration says plans reflects the idea that “testing shouldn’t crowd out teaching and learning” . While they say the devil in the details with this plan education leaders current and future understand the high demand to address this issue. The hash tag is #timetolearn. Future meetings with the secretary of education are reportedly scheduled for the near future.

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Source| cnn.com