So apparently, to enhance your performance in bed, all you need to do it chug down a few beers! But be careful, there are other repercussions for having too many!

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According to a recent study done, beer can not only enhance your sex but make you last longer. Dr. Kat Van Kirk, recently wrote a book called, “The Marriage Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life.” Van Kirk is a clinical sexologist and marriage/family counselor. In the book she list the many ways that sex can help a mans sex life. Beer contains phytoestrogens. These can delay orgasm’s leaving men to last longer. Dark beer contains higher concentration of iron which improves the blood flow that goes to the penis. Van Kirk claims that the fact that beer has B vitamins in it, will assure the fact that men will not feel sluggish during sex.

To top things off, there has been a brand of beer created just to enhance the sex of a man. The beer is called. “50 Shades of Green.” Its by Innis & Gunn. The beer contains many things to enhance blood flow and stimulation in men. So next time you men are looking to last a little longer during your late night creep sessions, here you go!…You’re Welcome!