Fetty vs Lezhae

On Halloween, a fight between Fetty Wap and his daughter’s mother, Lezhae, went viral, after Lezhae posted a series of videos from the fight online. Apparently, Fetty had been upset about a radio interview Lezhae had done the day before (where she discussed him, of course), and pulled up at her grandmother’s home in Paterson, where they all reside.

In the series of clips, Fetty can be heard yelling threats at Lezhae, while she hurled insults back and waived a knife in the air – all the while, their daughter and Lezhae’s grandmother were alongside her. Not the cleanest situation!

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

In response, Fetty took to his Twitter account with the following:

“End of the day I ain’t see my daughter In a month so yea I was upset , Shit happens when ppl wanna be famous.”

Apparently, this wasn’t exactly the case, at least according to Lezhae:

“Yo n*ggas is really some liars, you ain’t see your daughter in a month cause you did not ask. You had your sister reach out to me and ask if she can pick her up so that you can see her and I told her that the baby was out with my mother. You nor anyone else has ever asked me again about seeing her. No matter what ever happened between me and you, I never denied you access to see Eliza .. Stop trynna make it seem like I’m a bitter b*tch who don’t let you be involved in Eliza’s life.”

Well then! Honestly, neither party is right in this situation and I truly hope that these two can work things out OFFLINE and get on a better page for the sake of their daughter. Not only just because of lack of time spent, but also because the internet is FOREVER, and Eliza will be able to look back and see these things when she is older. Work it out, guys!