London man, Nicholas Mann sacrificed his well being to save his younger brother from what seemed to be his inevitable fate. Read the heroic story after the jump.

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In a perfect example of love and loyalty, Nicholas Mann went out as a hero in a successful attempt at saving his brother. Nicholas Mann, 34, and Robert, 32, were just concert goers earlier in the day at a Shrewsbury Town FC metal gig when Robert fell onto train tracks at Old Street Station.

Nicholas laid down on the tracks in an effort to help his fallen brother, when an oncoming train ran over the two. Nick got the brunt of the collision as he pushed his younger brother out of harm’s way from the southbound Northern Line train. Train conductor Paul Johnson stated to the court:

“I went round the corner approaching the platform and I saw a male stumbling and fall onto the track just in front of me. I Immediately pushed the emergency brake. When he fell, another gentleman was trying to pull him out. The train was braking when it hit both of them. The gentleman had his back to me standing. The other gentleman was trying to pull him out. It looked definitely like an accident.”

Nicholas’ death was ultimately due to a “massive head injury” sustained from the impact. There were off duty paramedics as well as a doctor to assist in aiding the brothers before being rushed to Royal London Hospital. The brother’s mother, Pauline Mann, issued a written statement to the court:

“Nick and his brother had been close as children and that relationship followed into adulthood – They texted each other many times a day and the last day of Nick’s life they spent together. I will always miss my darling son. It was the perfect day. It involved football, a gig, and chips and beer.”

Witnesses of the accident say that Nick had appeared “very cheerful” and “jumping and celebrating” with his younger brother Robert. Memorials have been created in the story of the brother’s heroism to be remember the act of bravery.