Following last night’s tragedy in Paris, players of the NBA have reacted and hash-tagged “PrayForParis” on the outside of their court kicks.


Last night, a devastating act of terrorism sent the people of Paris, France into full emergency mode. Hostages were taken and over 100 lives were lost.

Players of the NBA commented when asked for their sentiments on the attacks.

LeBron James stated in a post-game interview,

“My prayers and condolences go out to every family that’s been affected by what happened. Our world right now is having so many different tragedies. So many different innocent people and victims are losing lives over nonsense.”

France-native, Alexis Ajinca, was concerned for the well-being of his own family and could not reach them until after he and the New Orleans Pelicans faced the Toronto Raptors, and lost.

“It’s just a crazy world. You think you’re safe, you’re just walking down the street and the next thing you know, people start shooting. My prayers go to my family and friends.”

He also wrote #PrayForParis on the side of his black and white Nike kicks.

Players around the league worked to ensure their teammates with French connections were good, both mentally and emotionally.