_Marijuana Could Become A $35 Billion Market By 2020 If Legalized Nationwide

Another country with common sense. Colombia is set to legalize commercial sale of medical marijuana. Now all my Colombian mamis and papis can bachata as high as Wiz Khalifa! Hit the jump for more.

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Colombia had already change their drug policy in 2012 to focus on a more health-centric approach. Citizens were allowed to carry up to twenty-two grams of marijuana and up to a gram of cocaine. Now Colombia has decided to make marijuana completely legal.

This was decided for medical reasons though. The Colombian government believes that with more research on the drug, marijuana is capable of helping up to 400,000 Colombian citizens.

With Colombia deciding to legalize marijuana, it is a clear sign that the country is moving away from their alliance with America on the war on drugs. The alliance dates back to when America tried to stop Pablo Escobar and other drug lords from bringing in cocaine to the United States.

Now it’s your turn America. Legalize marijuana, it just makes sense.