It’s been an up-and-down battle between Romeo Miller’s mom and pops. The two are in the midst of a nasty lawsuit that has involved Romeo. Sonya Miller filed a lawsuit against her husband, known to the world as Master P, claiming that he is hiding assets by putting them in their son’s name.

Through it all, the 26-year-old has remained somewhat hush but he now admits in a “letter of hope” that being in the middle of everything has taken its toll on him.

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“I haven’t spoken to my mother in months due to advice she’s taking from her lawyers,” Romeo wrote in a lengthy Instagram message. “It sucks because the only reason I’ve ever worked so hard was to make my mother proud. I’m the one in this business and I’m the one who has been least phased by it.”

The child rapper turned actor says that despite being “SERVED” by his own mother, he realizes that she is not fully behind the shenanigans but “guided” by the greedy. While this has “been the most challenging lesson” for him, he will get through it.

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SOURCE: Instagram