Cam Newton is literally everywhere this weekend. He was at the Hornets vs Cavs game last night, dabbing with the crowd. Then he was at Future’s concert and again, dabbing with the crowd. Today he made his way to Auburn to watch his former school take on Alabama in the Iron Bowl and you can be sure he’ll be dabbing there too. As he walked through, a fan from Alabama attempted to troll him over something that happened when he was still in school and Cam wasn’t having it.


While Cam was still at Auburn, he was surrounded by a controversy that included his father allegedly receiving a payoff of $180,000 to let Cam go to Auburn rather than other schools that were interested in him. Nothing really ever came of it but still, the cloud lingered over Cam for a while.

A fan from Alabama decided today was the day he would remind Cam about the money and he quickly found out that Cam was in no mood for the nonsense and shut the dude up fast!