Dreams truly do come true, especially for those who strive hard! 19-year-old Shanice Williams is playing the role of Dorothy in “The Wiz” live! Seems so unreal getting a chance to work with such big names such as Mary J. Blidge, Queen Latifah, Neyo and More.

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Kenny Leon, who is the award winning director for “A Raisin in the Sun,” talks about watching over 600 auditions yet none of them had what Williams had. He said,

“We saw over 600 young women with a broad range of experience, but I was drawn to a specific light in Shanice’s eye.”

He went on to say,

“We wanted someone who looks like a 17-year-old American girl and brings authenticity to the role. She has to seamlessly transition from dancing to singing to acting and do it with grace.Shanice has all those skills. Plus, she sings the hell out of ‘Home’!”

Shanice Willims is from Rahway, New Jersey. She did a lot of summer programs at “Millburn’s Paper Mill Playhouse,” a well known theater that she said basically “adopted” her high school. Upon completing the many programs, it was clear to Williams that acting was something she truly wanted to do.

Alison Dooley, Rahway’s music teacher said she already knew that Williams had a promising career ahead of her. According to Dooley, Williams had a main role in “West Side Story,” at just 14.

Williams is not new to “The Wiz.” She also performed to the play in her junior high school’s musical. She did not play Dorthy because she was too afraid to go for the part. Well I guess that part was actually for Williams as she will now be playing the part in the Live version on NBC.

Williams says she could not believe she got the part.

“It wouldn’t process in my head, for some reason. I had some Chipotle after that and then just wanted to go to sleep and wake up so I knew I wasn’t dreaming!”

Williams goes on to say,

“I really believe in prayer. If I’m giving it 100 percent, I don’t have anything to worry about!”

The show will premiere on NBC at 8pm on Thursday! Wishing Shanice Williams the best of luck on her present and future opportunities!

Source: NyPost