Last week, Brett Rossi, the former fiancée to Charlie Sheen, filed a lawsuit claiming assault, negligence and emotional distress; Rossi says that she and Sheen had sex at least five times unprotected before he mentioned his HIV status, and not only that, but he forced her into having an abortion.

This week, Sheen is clapping back in with a response to the ‘suit; she’s an “extortionist” and “prostitute,” said court papers filed by Sheen on Monday [Dec. 7].

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“This is a case by an extortionist, Scottine Ross aka Brett Rossi … who gets paid for sex as a prostitute and a porn star … she is banking on the fact that [he] will pay her millions of dollars to avoid the negative publicity surrounding this action.”

Sheen adds that Rossi not only “insisted upon having unprotected sex,” but due to her life of prostitution, it’s the possible thousands of partners that has put her at risk, not him. How, say you?

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SOURCE: Page Six