Stitches has been all in the media lately for getting his ass kicked twice in one week. Last weekend Stitches was punched in the face by The Games manager, Wack 100 and jumped by his own friends! It honestly should be a crime to get beat up that much in that short amount of time, but it looks like The Game finds it hilarious and clowns him in front of a huge crowd of people. Check out the video after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Stitches has been made relevant this past week after alleged beef with The Game. He was beat up on two different occasions within one week. The Game was in San Bernardino Last night for his “Blazers Cup” show when he reenacted Stitches getting knocked out in front of thousands of people.

Some are speculating that Stitches used this beat down to get some publicity and it worked but no one is talking about him in a positive light. Game went to Instagram and put up a post giving the Miami rapper some career advice. I mean he could of made positive headlines if maybe he recoded a decent song because he is a rapper but word around town is he not only lacks self defense skills but he isn’t that musically inclined. Have you heard his diss track to The Game? Don’t even waste your time surfing the web for it. It’s pure jokes, but The Game did say that he should be a clown at kids birthday parties. The joke is on Stiches. Anyways go check out the video below and tell us what you think.

Source: TMZ