The inevitable beef brewing between Game and Miami’s Stitches rapper finally came to a head on Friday night, when Game’s manager Wack 100 knocked out Stitches cold after a club in Southbeach. Stitches actually than gave his name meaning and got stitches of his own for his lip talk he kept throwing Game’s way and spent the night in jail. Game now is being the genuine one out of all this (emoji crying faces) and actually offering the Florida rapper some advice if he does wish to continue his rap career, which Game highly doubts he will be successful in. See this hilarious meme/video someone made of Game being the “Why you lyin'” guy after the jump.

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After the fight, Stitches than went on IG and starting claiming Game’s manager sucker punched him and wants to go round two now – how do you get sucker punched from the front when you’re walking towards someone and you’re ready to fight?? Game than took to Instagram with a mean mug stare down at the camera while 2 Chainz’ current street-heater ‘Watch Out’ plays in the background.

Now he’s fired back once more, with a fan-made video of his head photoshopped onto the “why you lyin'” dude, with his own commentary in his captions – suggesting Stitches consider other career paths like being a professional clown for kids parties, a WWE wrestler, or a ball boy for the Miami Heat. I swear Game is the king of hashtags lol.

@Wack100 Who the fuck did this bruh ??? Peep my dance moves…… ?????????? had to repost from my cousin @GMagicBWS —- advice for that boy lip: don't eat spicy food, as it may burn severely during the healing process… #ThankMeLater more advice: Stop saying "NIGGA" you're white… & other African American rap crews might take offense & whoop that ass too #Pussy #AndDownGoesFraser #BoyWentDownLikeABowlingPin #HeWasntReady #itsKoolTheGroundCaughtHim #YaFourHomiesWatchedYouNayNayToTheConcrete #SwapEmOut #YouADisgraceToMiami #HowYouGetSUCKERPUNCHEDfromTheFront #FuckAJAW #NowImBoutToHitArtBasel #Miami #KOD #2Nite #iLoveThisCity #Zoe 3 things to do with your life now: 1. Go be a ball boy for the heat 2. Try out for WWE wrestling 3. With them weird tattoos on ya face, do children's bday parties you fuckin clown DISCLAIMER: For all Stitches, I mean BITCHES fans…. Since it's over for ya boy & his lip…. Here are some suggestions of dope white rappers to support: Eminem, Paul Wall, Logic, Mac Miller, G-Eazy, Maclemore & my dawg Machine Gun Kelly… Tell em Game sent you #HipHop

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