NFL: Victor Cruz Says Odell Beckham Jr Needs To Watch Himself


Victor Cruz has some words of advice for his young star teammate, Odell Beckham Jr. Watch your words wisely. Cruz’s comments come after earlier this week Odell went on sort of a rant on twitter about the way people treat him and others. Sounds like his new found fame is making him look differently at things, but it comes with the territory and Cruz is the perfect example of how to handle it.

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(Video) Minute Man?! Plies Admits To Being ‘Quick Draw McGraw’ In The Bedroom!!


I guess you can kind of call Plies the love and sex guru on Instagram because he’s been giving advice to his followers based on his own personal experiences. In one of his latest videos, he explains if a person has sex for hours on end, something is wrong with that man or woman. Plies insists that sex should NEVER last that long, in fact it doesn’t with him since he refers to himself as “Quick Draw McGraw”! LOL!
Watch the hilarious clip below!

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(Video) Chris Brown & Trey Songz Have A Message For The Boyfriends Bringing Their Girls To Their Tour

Chris Brown x Trey Songz x Tyga

As previously announced, Chris Brown and Trey Songz are gearing up to hit the road together this winter on the highly-anticipated (by every girl ever) “Between The Sheets” tour. Tyga will be opening up, but I’m sure no one but Kylie and maybe Blac Chyna really care about that. Anyway, as one can expect, there will be TONS of ladies in attendance, some even with their boyfriends who either a) are really secure and just want to do something nice for their lady or b) are the exact opposite and are accompanying them solely to make sure they don’t groupie out and do something crazy. For these men, Trigga and Breezy have a message for you below.

(P.S. Fellas – here’s a tip. I know it’s not too manly to attend a Trey Songz/Chris Brown concert, but there will be thirsty women by the PACKS here. Go with your boys and have a field day! Thank me later.)

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NBA: Kevin Durant Confirms Kobe’s Injury Advice Helped Him!


After one of his toughest injuries yet, Kevin Durant received advice from NBA star Kobe Bryant. Bryant reached out to Durant following his surgery, leaving Durant saying “I learned a lot just from that conversation. It was big for me.” Hit the jump for more details on this story of great sportsmanship!

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Sports: DeAngelo Hall Out For Season With Torn Achilles; Gets This Advice From Kobe Bryant

ifwt_hall 1

What a blow for Redskins fans.  Earlier today  the Redskins announced that  CB DeAngelo Hall will miss the rest of this season with a torn achilles — but his optimism for his future improved after talking to Kobe Bryant.  Check out what he had to say about the conversation…

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(Video) NFL: Chris Brown Has Words Of Advice For Ray Rice!


Chris Brown knows exactly the emotions Ray Rice is feeling these days after dealing with his own domestic situation with Rihanna back in 2009. He gave some words of advice for how Ray should handle things from here and reveals some things about himself as well.

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(Video) Jimmy Fallon Gives Advice To Up And Coming Comedians!

jimmy fallon gets in bar fight

Funny man Jimmy Fallon took some time during “The Tonight Show’, to answer fan mail and give some advice to comedians in the making! In this clip Fallon encourages comedians to be ok with being afraid and says the biggest challenge is building up the courage to complete your set. Check out his insightful advice here!

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Jim Jones Reached Out To Tyrese For Career Help On Instagram?!


Jim Jones has conquered fashion, music, and reality TV, now he wants to take his career to the next level.
Find out why he reached out to Tyrese after the jump…

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(Video) ‘Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Gives Some Helpful Advice On Romance!


The on set bad boy Aaron Paul has given his take on romance in his latest interview with Huffington Post. Paul took over the set to discuss his latest flick ‘Hellion’, and when asked about his take on marriage/romance, he stated that all men should not be afraid to show some romance to the woman they love!

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Jennifer Lopez Sought Advice From Who Before Breaking Up With Casper Smart?!

jlo wants who to play her in a movie

Friday, news broke that Jennifer Lopez had split from Casper Smart, but you won’t get who she confided in before breaking up with him.

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