(Video) Why Grandpa’s May Be the Worst Wingmen!


A grandson in need, took to his grandfather for some hope when it came to getting down with the ladies; the end result is priceless! The grandfather may just have more luck picking up women, than his very ownCheck out the hilarious clip below!

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Sports: Two Sports in 2014?! Bo Jackson Has Advice For Russell Wilson

IFWT_Bo russ

Bo knows!  What does Bo Jackson think of Russell Wilson being a two-sport star in 2014 (for those living under a rock – Russell has been working out with the Rangers)?!  He’s got a clear message for the Super Bowl champ.
Check it out…

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(Video) Nia Long Gets Emotional While Giving Advice To Daughter Of A Single Mother On ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’

Nia Long 4

The beautiful and talented Nia Long took to a panel of guests, hosted by Oprah for ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’, where she spoke in front of an audience filled with single mothers. During this time, an 18 year old, spoke of her situation with her single mother and that is when Nia Long felt an instant connection, seeing herself though the eyes of the teen. Check out the emotional advice given by Nia Long below!


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(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Wants Adrien Broner To Spend Less Time Rapping


He knows what he’s talking about!! Floyd Mayweather had some words of advice for his “little brother,” former welterweight champion Adrien Broner.
Check it out…

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NBA: Dwight Howard Giving Carmelo Anthony Free Agency Advice

IFWT_D12 Melo 1

I’m sure Melo is just taking in what people are saying & weighing his options.  Dwight Howard knows all about free agency & is apparently privately giving Carmelo Anthony advice.  Hopefully he’s telling Melo to stay in NY. Lol.
Hit the jump for the report…

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Michelle Obama Offers Justin Bieber’s Mom Some Advice!

Michelle Obama's old look

The First Lady has spoken and had Justin Bieber been her son things would be going much different for the Canadian crooner; hit the jump for more!

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(Video) Miley Cyrus Giving Justin Bieber Advice?!


Of all the folk to give Justin Bieber advice, Jay Leno asked Miley Cyrus (by the way, the two looked like rodeo twins – in the gallery)! Wild child. Although what Miley does in, “California” won’t fly in Jersey or New York, it’s still legal. Besides that, what she says actually makes some sense. Listen to the sound advice, after the jump.

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NFL: Mike Ditka Shares Some Dating Rules — And They Are Great!


I love this guy!  Da coach knows!! Mike Ditka has been married for 37 years, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about.  Check out his hilarious — yet real — relationship tips…

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NFL: Eli Manning Has Tips For Peyton on Playing at MetLife Stadium For The Super Bowl

Peyton Manning, Eli Manning

Cheaters! Lmao, jk.  Little brother Eli is helping big bro Peyton Manning!   Peyton is headed to New Jersey next week with the Broncos to play the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium and Eli’s got some advice for him.  Check it out…

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(Video) Advice For Dealing With NEW Drug Swabs At Checkpoints To Check For Weed


This must be because of all the states getting legal weed, even Colorado getting recreational use, so those states that still have it illegal. Right now the swab is in cali, LA to be exact, but don’t think this won’t spread, so listen to the advice to try and get ahead of it.

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