(Video) Sex Takes Over IG With #Ebony Hashtag….Filthy!!

IFWT_Jesus Take The Wheel

So apparently it’s all over IG that if you put the hashtag #Ebony in your search, you see exactly how dirty you IG’ers are!!

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(Photos) Let The Games Begin…Lil Wayne Has An Instagram!!

Lil Wayne

I guess we should expect a bunch of YM, and Tunechi pics, plus any ‘mood’ Weezy is feeling…will now in IG form, it’s already at 1.6M(did he have one before that got deleted??) but that’s going to be up!!!

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(Photos) It’s Not Over! Jhonni Blaze Tells Moniece ‘F*** Your Offspring’ During Heated IG Argument!


I don’t think the this beef between Jhonni Blaze and Moniece Slaughter is going to end anytime soon. The two was going in on each other on VladTV’s IG page, but Jhonni said a few things that crossed the line and hit way below the belt.
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(Photos) LOL, This Is Great! Male Student Becomes IG Famous For Recreating WHAT?!


In the world of the social media era, it’s very easy to become famous off the internet. 20-year-old Mina Gerges has gained some serious Instagram fame for recreating celebrity diva’s photos such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry and many others. The college student from Canada explains how he makes everything himself (props, outfits, etc.) Each photo he recreates takes him a approximately two hours each. Head over to the gallery to see his amazing celebrity parody photos. He’s a talented man!

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(Photos) Now There Are More Instagram Verified Accounts Post Purge!!

IFWT_Verfied Check

A lot, I mean A LOT of people took L, of course Ma$e took a huge loss, but Akon might have lost the most, going from 4.3M to 1.9M. Now post Purge there are official ‘Instagram Verified Accounts’, your favorite talent will get that little blue check that has been on twitter for years, and FB followed suite not too long ago, and in both cases it has lead to an even food chain of popularity with anyone that has a little blue check being on top.

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(Photos) Together Again! Hazel E And Katt Williams Stunt On The Gram!


Katt Williams and Hazel E might have something going on indeed. About a week ago (week ago), they were chilling together at a basketball game and the two must really be feeling each other because they were spotted again. This time it was on Hazel’s Instagram page. She posted a pic with her alleged new boo and captioned it “Katt X Haze”.

Check out the photos in the gallery!

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(Photos) Already Huh? Blac Chyna Tags Drake In Picture; Lil Durk Said He’s Next?

IFWT__Blac Chyna

You know what they say, ‘a woman scorned’, earlier today Tyga hacked Chyna’s twitter account, said some rather unflattering words. Although she got it back and commented on the situation, it seems though as she wasn’t satisfied, she just had to go one more step!

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(Photo) Drake Sends A Message To Nicki Minaj?

IFWT_Drake Mug

Drake is just ouchea lovin em all huh? Earlier we showed you him hanging with Kylie Jenner(prob to get at Tyga), but slightly over looked was a cartoon drawing of Drizzy and Nicki asking ‘How About Now’, in which Nicki’s boyfriend(Ex?) is taking an L.

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(Photo) T.I. Gets At Dude Over Hateful Comment

IFWT_TIs Paprework artworks

Apparently TI posted about one of his watches and called it a “Big Rich Ni$$a Rap-Kit”, and a few people tagged in @fakewatchbusta and TI decided to respond to one of them.

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(Video) Diddy Shares His iPhone 6 & Apple Watch Experience!!

IFWT_Diddy At Apple Event

Looks like Diddy was one of the lucky people to be in the crowd at one of Apple’s biggest days ever, the announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. He shared his experience on social media with the hashtag #diddyview, but no need to go look for it, because we have it right here for you!!

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