(Photo) Fantasia Shows Off Her Summer Ready Body And That A$$ In A Bathing Suit!!


Fantasia went on Instagram to express how she can’t wait until the Summer. She said this, “Summertime ready watch me make it turn into sunshine”. You sure will girl with a back like that!
Check the photo below!

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(Video) LMAO! Kandi Burruss Tries To Do Mimi Faust’s Shower Rod Trick But FAILS!!


If you haven’t heard about Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape, you have been living under a rock! There were hilarious memes made that had every social media site going nuts. So it was only right that some people tried to do it like Mimi and get up on that rod!
Kandi took a shot but failed, see her IG videos below!

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(Photos) Facebook Selfie Gets Bank Robber BUSTED!!

IFWT_in jail thanks facebook

I just don’t understand how people don’t figure this out for themselves, aside from me letting you know who’s getting caught up. I mean you are either thug or not, no need to post it on your social media, at least the real thugs I know.

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(Video) So This Is How Fake Social Media Makes Money!

IFWT_fake_Social Media

This whole fake like, follower’s, friends, and users in social media is pretty much a bubble that desperately needs to be popped, but if it’s where FB(and possibly other SM platforms) is making it’s money, then it won’t be going away anytime soon.

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Snapchat Fights Back, Adds Reply Feature!!


If you don’t know, Snapchat is a very popular App that let’s you send pics/video but allows you to send any and everything you want because it disappears(aka no proof), and the kids love it for that! In response to Snapchat, IG and Twitter have been adding features to compete with the popular app, but today snapchat said ‘F**k that’, and decided to add some features for it’s self….Round 4 Fight!!

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(Photo) Oh Boy! Rihanna Slams A Fan For, “Begging For Purses!”


Rihanna’s mouth, as far as slickness goes, is probably on the same level as Kanye’s, but I’m thinking that maybe – JUST MAYBE – this girl had it coming to her. With the season of giving in the air, we’re all getting gifts. That includes RiRi, and like the rest of us IG account holders, the Barbadian posts her presents online. One on-looker in particular suggested that Ri was flaunting her new things (a Prada purse, specifically), and well…you know how Rihanna gets. Hit the jump for the shut-down.

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(Photos) Look At These Fools Selling Drugs On Instagram


You may or may not know about a website called silkroad, which was open to selling many illicit products from guns to drugs, but it was shut down by the government recently. On the street when a drug spot gets shut down the drugs and sellers don’t just go away, they set up shop somewhere else.

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Kicks: Usher Got Some Exclusive ALL Gold Kicks. Jealous Much? Check Em’ Out!


Usher took instagram stuntin’ to a whole new level yesterday when posted 2 pics of a Jordan 9 and Jordan 3 in ALL GOLD. I don’t know what kind of connect he has, but whoa!!! Those kicks are fly! I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Air Max 1 “Liquid Gold” and they will sit patiently in the box until a perfect opportunity to bring them out. The kicks Usher posted looked like they were the same material as mine, I need that liquid gold recipe! Literally all my kicks would be blinged the f*** out! Unfortunately, since we will never get an all gold Jordan 3, you can come close. Hit the jump to see a list of some gold themed kicks available right now as well as the pics Usher posted…

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Instagram Drops It’s First Ever Ad, Guess Who It Was!!!


They said it was coming, but now that it’s here, how do we feel about it? Apparently people didn’t seem happy about it on IG. I didn’t see the actual ‘sponsorship’ of this item, so I’m not sure how they did it to know if was something I’d like or not.

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(Photos) Nicki Minaj Rockin’ A Massive Camel Toe…


…but, her a** still phat! Nicki is known to posts some drool-worthy photos to IG, but damn, you can see the imprint in this one. She captioned the photo, “Say no to camel toe #cameltoesux #thisIsntACamelToe #DontAtMe…” Love it! Hit the jump and check out how Nicki still WERKS the camera!

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