(Video) NBA: John Wall Slaps Jae Crowder During Scuffle After Celtics Win Over Wizards

Things got testy after the Boston Celtics 117-108 win over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.  John Wall and Jae Crowder got physical and had to be separated.

(Photo) Guess Who 50 Cent Got To Sing The National Anthem For Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown

This Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy fight is a circus, and it’s only getting worse. Now an esteemed singer – who’s WAY above this mess – has signed on to sing the national anthem for the event, and she’s actually quite honored to do so. What in the world?!

(Video + Photo) 21 Savage Refuses To Fight 22 Savage

Man Chris and Soulja look what you guys started…

(Video) He’s For Real: Kodak Black Challenges Lil Wayne To Fight Him In A Ring

Yoo I swear this kid needs to stop…he really just called out LIL WAYNE to fight him…this really is 2017.

Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy Fight Might Happen In Dubai

It looks like the fight between Breezy and Soulja is actually going down, but unlikely it’s happening in the US.

(Video) Philadelphia Police Are Now Investigating A Viral Video That Shows An Officer Going Toe To Toe With A Teen

One officer was not beat for the shenanigans as she went toe to toe with a teen while trying to break up a brawl. Philadelphia police are now investigating the incident as video footage has now gone viral. In the video, we can see the girl who is reportedly 16-years-old backing up from the fight which is when she and the officer exchanged words. The officer and the girl then proceeded to argue until hands were thrown.

(Video) Fight Breaks Out During Ricky Harris Funeral

There was a huge commotion at Ricky Harris’s funeral as one mourner totally flipped out. Snoop Dogg’s security had to intervene the whole thing. Sherri Shepard was not trying to hear it as she went off in a video.

(Video) Guy Gets Knocked Out For Trying To Run A Train On A Guys Daughter

This father is not here for the BS. In a video, we see a man knocking a young boy out for reportedly trying to run a train on his daughter! We can hear the man tell the boy “You F*cked My Daughter”

(Graphic Video) Houston Strippers Get Right Over A Taco?

Although it has been reported that these two Houston strippers fought over a Taco, I believe there was more to the story. In a video, we see two woman fighting. The woman who seems to be doing most of the hand throwing tells the other woman not to bring her kids in the middle of what they have going on. Mind you, these woman are outside. The woman on top slams the other woman’s head against concrete and continues to hit her in the face. The other woman is seen bleeding all over from being dragged and smacked around. This is crazy.

(Video) Family Members Fight On Christmas Day

Christmas is suppose to be a day of love for families. Apparently for this family it wasnt the case. In a video, we see a woman go off on an older woman for not knowing how to speak to her children.

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