Boxing: Someone Stop Him Please! Freddie Roach Is Still Talking, Says Floyd Will Probably Pull Out Of Fight


At this point I wish Freddie Roach was the one getting ready for a fight so somebody could knock his annoying ass out. He just won’t shutup in regards to trashing Floyd. You would think he is trying to be a celebrity instead of a trainer. Roach went on a rant once again, this time saying he “wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd dropped out of the fight”. This dude can’t be serious. It’s clear he has been trying to troll Floyd to get in his head but everyone knows that won’t work.

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Sports: UFC Star Conor McGregor Says He Would Kill Floyd Mayweather In 30 Seconds, Floyd Responds!


Why do UFC stars loving throwing shade at Floyd Mayweather? Is it jealousy? Envy? Do they wish they had the influence and power he has and do they resent him for it? I’m not really sure what it is but it seems some of the biggest stars in the sport love to talk negatively about Floyd. Conor McGregor is the latest one to pop off at the mouth towards Floyd, saying he “would kill him in 30 seconds”. Let’s see what Floyd has to say about that.

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(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Says “F*ck You B*tch” To Grizzlies Kosta Koufos After Scuffle


Players around the NBA continue to think Blake Griffin is a punk because they keep testing him. One of these days he is going to snap and hit someone hard, and it almost happened last night before he caught himself. Grizzlies Kosta Koufos did a dirty play when he pulled Griffin down to the court and then on top of that pushed Griffin off him as if it was his fault! For one brief second you see Griffin cock his right hand back as if to punch Koufos before other players stepped in and he caught himself. He then politely said “f*ck you b*tch” and “suck my d*ck” in Koufos’ direction before both players where hit with technical fouls.

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Caught On Tape: Ratchets Throw Down In Florida Waffle House With Their A$$ & T*tties Hanging Out!


For the record, we do NOT condone ratchetness over here at InFlexWeTrust (or do we?) but these caught on tape fight videos are just way too entertaining to not thoroughly enjoy. A bunch of ratchets leaving the club, or possibly their job hitting the pole at the strip joint, were caught banging out in a waffle house in Orlando with their a*s and t*tties hanging out of their dresses. All we see is straight CAKE and punches. Wow, what a view. Peep the extreme ratchet behavior below. These chicks are wild!

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Keyshia Cole Gets The All-Clear And Will NOT Be Going To Jail

Keyshia Cole

Back in September, Keyshia Cole was arrested for fighting a woman she found at her man Birdman’s apartment early in the morning. TMZ later reported that Keyshia would NOT be getting charged for any type of assault, and likely only receive some mandatory anger management classes. That being said, many were surprised when Keysh took to Twitter in December to reveal she was sentenced to 30 days in jail…however, she did say it was stemming from “something from 10 years ago.”

Apparently, Keyshia’s arrest had turned up a warrant from a 2002 DUI. Back then, she was placed on probation and was required to attend an alcohol ed course, but since the court records didn’t show proof of completion, the judge issued a bench warrant.

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(Video) ATL Beefin: Rich Homie Quan And Johnny Cinco About To Fight?


I don’t really know what’s going on here, maybe Marisa will break it down later, but I do know there;s video of 2 guys in cars hollering at each other talking about ‘get out the car and fight’, but neither got out of any car to actually scrap.

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(Video) Out Of Control: Kevin Gates Gets Into A Crazy Fight With TWO Women During A Show

ifwt_kevin Gates2

Rapper Kevin Gates is king of controversy and this stunt just further proves his title. During a show he was doing at Z Club in Flint, Michigan on Sunday night, the rapper who has sex with his cousin and kicks girls out for not giving his puppy head got into a fight with not one but TWO females during his performance. The girls kept on grabbing Gates while he was performing, causing him to shake them off. However, he then tried to go after the girls and get at them all crazy. His security pulled Gates back and the show went on. Later on into the show, he got into it with yet ANOTHER female and he was swinging his elbows into the crowd, trying to hit her. Although it is unclear if he ever actually hit anyone, but no cops were called so hopefully not. Check out the video footage obtained from the performance below.

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Saw This From A Mile Away: Victim Suing After Alleged LIV Fight With Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan

When news broke earlier this week of an alleged altercation between Rich Homie Quan and a LIV security guard, the story had lawsuit written ALL over it, as the victim had already retained a lawyer, and stated more than once that Quan was the aggressor. Needless to say, a few days later, the lawsuit has arrived.

Christian Cajigas says he’s been “disfigured and left in intense physical pain” after Quan reportedly punched him outside of a VIP entrance at the popular Miami club on Sunday night, and is suing an unspecified amount (though TMZ says “it sounds like a lot.)

Check out a pic of the victim’s injuries in the gallery. Quan better get out of bed with Jhonni Blaze and start getting a plan together here!

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Rich Homie Quan Reportedly Punched A LIV Security Guard

Rich Homie Quan

I guess Rich Homie Quan was feeling some type of way at LIV in Miami on Sunday night. According to reports, the Atlanta rapper and his crew reportedly tried to enter the club through a VIP door in the back, but were denied by a security guard, Christian Cajigas, telling them that the club had reached capacity.

Cajigas’ lawyer Joshua Hertz says that Quan was told to go to the front and wait like everybody else, and that’s when things went downhill.

“I’m Rich Homie Quan and I’m a rich millionaire, (expletive),” Quan reportedly said, according to the police report. “I’m coming through these doors. I’m with Flo Rida.”

A fight then ensued, which Cajigas says was absolutely initiated by Quan, with a few members of his entourage joining as well. He reportedly landed “at least two punches,” and police photos show Cajigas with a busted nose and bloodied lip.

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(Video) Come Again? Joseline Hernandez Says She Didn’t Fight Althea At ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Reunion!


Wait, hold up! Joseline Hernandez swore under OATH that she never hit Althea at the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show. As you’ve heard, Althea is suing Ms. Steebie over the huge throw down that took place that night…allegedly. During her deposition, attorney’s questioned Joseline and she had no idea what they were even talking about. *Raises eyebrow* So, you mean to tell me, we the people (the millions of viewers that tuned in) didn’t see what we thought we saw because in reality it never happened! Got it.

Watch both videos after the jump!

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