Azealia Banks Will Not Be Charged For Fighting LA Club Bouncer

ifwt_Azealia Banks MAIN

Back in October, footage surfaced of Azealia Banks and her friends jumping an LA club bouncer and pulling the venue’s fire alarm, after reportedly being asked to leave. Lucky for the troubled rapper, the LA City Attorney has rejected the case for lack of evidence.

LAPD say the video footage makes it unclear as to who the aggressor was in the fight, and since the bouncer didn’t have any injuries, it would be tough to prosecute.

Banks now has one less thing to worry about, though her NYC case is still pending. In the meantime, take a walk down memory lane with the surveillance footage below.

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NBA: Blake Griffin Injured His Hand After Hitting Clippers Equipment Staffer Multiple Times

IFWT_Blake Griffin

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has been out with a quadriceps injury and was expected to return to the lineup during their current road trip.  He won’t be back anytime soon however after injuring his right hand after hitting a member of the team’s equipment staff during an argument.

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A NYPD Officer And His Wife Have Been Arrested After A Brawl In Their Home


Officer Cleeford Louissant of the 9th precinct in Manhattan has been arrested for what appears to have been a brawl with his wife in their Brooklyn home which left both him and her injured.

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(Video) NFL: Seahawks Fan Gets Into a Fight During Cardinals-Packers Game


Dozens of people were ejected from Saturday’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers after a huge fight broke out with a lone Seattle Seahawks fan hurt in a tussle.

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(Video) Crazy Fight Inside Rikers Island Caught On Tape!

IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Held New York City Rikers Island Prison

Prison is never a place where people WANT to go but unfortunately, it is something that is here to stay forever.

A violent fight was caught on tape between a jail probe team and an inmate, who goes by the name Terrance Warden. The inmate refused to go to Queens criminal court numerous times, causing a brawl to ensue between the inmate and the employees over at Rikers Island in New York.

Check out the crazy action caught on tape below.

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(Video) NFL: Odell Beckham Jr. & Josh Norman Turn Game Into UFC Match With Numerous Fights!

IFWT_Beckham Norman 1

The New York Giants vs. Carolina Panthers game on Sunday was everything you could hope for and more.  The Giants staged an incredible comeback, scoring 28 points straight to tie the game up late in the fourth quarter but then Cam Newton marched his team down the field quickly to win the game 38-35 off a 43-yard field goal by Graham Gano.  What’s even more shocking is that’s not what everyone is talking about; the talk of the game is the feud between Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Panthers cornerback Josh Norman whom battled the ENTIRE game.

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(Video) NO CHILL: Two Students Throw Hands (And Chairs) In Classroom Brawl


People have officially lost their minds in 2015.

A video is circulating around the internet of a white student taking a chair and bashing her black classmate’s head. The two began fighting in the classroom and sh*t just got super real, real fast. There is a lot of controversey surrounding the video because many think that the black student will get suspended before the white girl, even though she is the one who initiated the fight.

Watch the video below and feel free to drop your comments.

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(Video) MLB: Dodgers Star Yasiel Puig Got Beat Down Outside Miami Bar


The night before Thanksgiving, Dodgers star Yasiel Puig got into a fight at a Miami Bar and now we have the footage to go with it. Employees of the Blue Martini bar stepped in and told Puig he had to leave after he and his sister got into a heated argument that reportedly got physical. One of the employees is trying to escort Puig out when he tries to slap him. That’s when you see an entire mob of people rush Puig and knock him to the ground and appear to pummel him briefly. For his side, Puig still denies ever touching his sister.

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(Video) McDonald’s Workers Caught On Video Having A Serious Smack Down In The Parking Lot


McDonald’s is supposed to be a happy place I mean their mascot is a clown for crying out loud but it wasn’t such a happy place for McDonald’s workers. Two McDonald’s employee’s were caught on camera fight in the McDonald’s parking lot. One of the employee’s cooked up two big smacks instead of two big macks because it got ugly. The video is actually hilarious. Check it out after the jump.

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Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q Apparently Got Into It In The Studio Recently

Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q

So apparently, the cousin of a Twitter-friendly kid was in the studio last week, and he happened to be lucky enough to come across a session featuring none other than Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q. The session wasn’t all daisies and butterflies, however, as the TDE labelmates reportedly got into it, and this Twitter-friendly guy wanted the tea after getting word from his cousin.

“Aye @dangerookipawaa,” he wrote to TDE’s CEO, Anthony Tiffith. “My cousin was in the studio the other night tellin me Schoolboy q & K Dot got into a scuffle…”

Apparently Top Dawg was feeling talkative, and replied with the following:

“Just family having a minor disagreement. Nothing serious.”

So he did confirm it, but let’s hope he’s for real when he says it’s minor. Brothers spar all the time, but we also know things are downplayed for the media all the time, so let’s see where this goes!

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