(Video) NFL: New Surveillance Released From The Night Ray Rice Hit Wife, They Kiss Right After


New Surveillance footage from the night Ray Rice hit his then fiance’, Janay Rice, was released by ABC and at least on video it appears the couple really wasn’t upset with each other by the time security and police step in. You can see the couple talking as security approaches and separates them. As time passes police eventually show up and take them right back into the same elevator but instead of punches, they exchange kisses between each other. Both Ray & Janay are put in cuffs, with charges against Janay eventually being dropped.

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IFWT Exclusive: The FULL Story Of What Happened Between Drake & Diddy That Night!

Drake vs Diddy

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you may not know that this past Sunday, Drake and Diddy got into quite a scuffle at Miami nightclub, LIV. As the week has gone on, details about the situation have trickled out from various news sources, and today, IFWT has even more exclusive details from TWO people on the scene. Let’s recap what has been confirmed thus far first:

1. The fight was NOT over Cassie, but rather Drake’s song, “0-100.”
2. Diddy was pissed that Drake just took the beat and ran with it, despite the fact it was given to them by its producer, Boi-1da, for them BOTH to be on.
3. Drake didn’t want to wait around for Diddy any longer, who was “sitting on” the song, so that’s when he recorded the now Grammy-nominated “0-100″ and put it out.
4. Diddy has been pissed about this for MONTHS, even throwing shots toward Drake to an entire club back in June, but the video flew under the radar.
5. Sunday at LIV was the first time the guys have seen each other since Drake put the song out.
6. Drake was hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder following the fight.

Now, as we mentioned, IFWT spoke with 2 sources on the scene, and we have more details for you below!

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(Video) Boxing: 50 Cent Thinks Mayweather vs. Pacquaio Wont Happen

50 Cent

Fans have been anticipating the fight between Mayweather and Pacquaio for nearly a decade, and recent talks have given hope that it would actually happen. Reporters caught up with rapper 50 cent, who gave his opinion. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony & Tim Hardaway Jr. Respond to Report They Wanted to Fight Each Other

New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Lakers

Yesterday a bombshell report was released stating that Carmelo Anthony threatened to beat up Tim Hardaway Jr., that the two argued and basically hate each other.  Carmelo Anthony & Tim Hardaway Jr. were asked about the validity of the report and admit that something did happen.

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(Video) NFL: 49ers Players Break Up Altercation At A San Francisco Hotel


Ray McDonald and Brandon Lloyd jumped into action when a drunken fight between a man and two women broke out in a hotel. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) The Signs Were There – Diddy Got At Drake Over “0-100″ Months Ago!

Drake vs Diddy

As you know by now, Diddy and Drake got into a fight in Miami on Sunday night outside of LIV nightclub, and though DJ Sam Sneaker was sure to note it was NOT over Cassie, no one was quite sure what the heck it was. Well, TMZ did a little digging since then, and found that it was over a song – Drizzy’s now 2-time Grammy nominated “0-100.” (It just received nods for both Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.)

According to the original report, the song’s producer Boi-1da had given both Diddy and Drizzy the track to record over 8 months ago, and Drake got frustrated when Diddy just sat on it, so he went ahead and did it on his own. In a video that has surfaced since then – showing Diddy at Story nightclub in Miami back in June – he addresses the topic without naming names, and says he gave the song’s owner the beat, and then they “stole it.”

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(Video) NFL: 49ers & Raiders Fans Brutally Attack Each Other In Fight


The Oakland Raiders finally getting a win wasn’t the only crazy thing that went down at Sunday’s football game. Both 49ers & Raiders fans attacked each other in an all-out brawl. The fans brutally go at it so badly that security and police had to intervene. Punches were thrown and beer was spilled along with a little blood, as the O.co Coliseum looked like the Source Awards…Crazy video & footage after the jump!

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(Photos) According To Reports, Diddy Smacked Drake Last Night In Miami!

Diddy x Drake

Well this could certainly get interesting. Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but according to a few eyewitness accounts, Diddy smacked Drake into next Tuesday while partying at Miami hotspot LIV last night for DJ Khaled’s birthday. Now we know Drizzy has been on his Mr. Steal Your Girl tip as of late, but according to Rick Ross’ DJ, Sam Sneaker, Cassie was NOT the cause behind the beef.

After RT’ing another club goer that wrote, “Aye U Slappin N*ggas Na” to Diddy, Sam Sneaker added, “It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie. Drake at the Hospital smh. He dislocated his shoulder. It’ll come out soon. Yall pray for Drake. N*gga caught a 3 PC.”

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(Video) NFL: Dude Gets Sucker Punched In Bathroom During Bears/Cowboys Game


Why is damn near every fight you see at an NFL game happen in the bathroom. It seems to have happened much more often this season than any other in the past. Here we have two Bears fans getting into it, again in the bathroom. Can’t really tell who started it, but one guy shoves the other and then he catches a right hook to the face from the sideline. He appeared to take the punch well. Situation could of got much worse.

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Say What?! Rapper Plies Allegedly Jumped At King Of Diamonds And Threatened Online!!


Plies was scheduled to make an appearance at King of Diamonds, one of Miami’s craziest and famous strip clubs. While he was there, allegedly a fight broke out and the rapper was jumped. Another Miami rapper by the name of So Certified, went on his Instagram to post pictures of Plies and even sent him threats. Certified claimed that Plies set up KOD to get robbed and that he had 24 hours to return the money or some consequences will be made. Maybe that was the reason why the alleged fight took place. Who knows? It is still unclear on who started the beef but you can read So Certified threats for yourself.
Pics in the gallery!

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