(Video) NFL: Bears Fan Trash Talks & Punches Jaguars’ Fan & Then Gets Jumped


The NFL season is in full swing and we have this week’s stadium throwdown.  This time the fight occurred between Chicago Bears fans and Jacksonville Jaguars fans.

(Graphic Video) Man Gets Stabbed Repeatedly During NYC Fight

IFWT_Graphic Content

People truly don’t fight fair ones anymore. In a video we see a NYC subway fight that genuinely went too far. A group of guys are seen fighting. The fight went way left as one of the men gets stabbed repeatedly.

(Video) Damn: Woman Gets Beat With Bat & Attacked By Dog After Fighting Homeowner!


This woman really went to someone’s house dolo and took a beating by another girl, a bat, and than to add insult to injury – the house dog.

(Video) Philadelphia Teacher Caught On Camera Fighting A Student


Teachers are no longer for the BS that students are bringing. In a recent video, we see a teacher and a student getting real right while other students are just watching.

NFL: Off-Duty Cops File Lawsuit Against LeSean McCoy Saying His Crew Beat Them Up


LeSean McCoy has been hit with a lawsuit by the two off-duty cops he had a club altercation with.  The cops say the Buffalo Bills running back and his crew beat the hell out of them during a bar fight in Philly.

(Video) NFL: Raiders’ Fan Tries Karate Move & Gets Laid Out By Punches From 2 Other Raiders’ Fans


The NFL just kicked off and we already have fighting in the stands.  During the Oakland Raiders game against the Atlanta Falcons, two Raiders fans knocked down another Raiders fan.

(Video) Woman Gets Knocked Out After Trying To Save Her Boyfriend


This is crazy. In a recent video, we see a woman trying to defend her boyfriend from getting beat up by 2 males at a train station. Another woman, who appears to be the girlfriend’s friend tries to stop her after she was clearly aware of these savages beating up on the other man.

(Video) This Fight Will Lead You To An Unexpected Ending


In a recent video, we see two woman getting right on the block. When they finally put hands on each other the unexpected happened.

(Video) Footage Shows Police Repeatedly Punching Bronx Man Who Is Already Restrained


A video has now spiraled around Instagram of police punching on a Bronx man who is clearly already on the ground. In the video we see the officers repeatedly throwing blows at the man as he is already physically restrained.

(Video) Lil Bibby And G Herbo Get It Shaking After A Fight Breaks Out


In a recent video, we see Bibby and Herb chilling at an event of some sort when someone yells out ‘they fighting.’ We then see Herbo and Bibby exchanging a few punches not with each other but with whoever is fighting.

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