Delaware High School Student Beat To Death


There are fights in every school, some minimal, others very serious, but nobody’s life should be taken, ever. That what happened to a young lady at a Delaware high school on Thursday.

(Video) High School Teacher’s Aide Arrested After Fighting With Student


A high school teacher’s aide has been arrested after fighting with a student. In the video, you see the teacher pushing the student down on a table and from there things just went down hill.

(Video) Wild!! On Duty Cop Gets Jumped In Tennessee!


It just seems like this week the police have just continuously been taking L’s. The other day it went down in Memphis, Tennessee !! An altercation occurred in the city between a police officer and a civilian. Midway thru the scuffle things took a turn for the worse for the officer as he ended up getting Jumped! Peep the WILD video and check out how twitter reacted after the jump!

(Video) Sheesh: A Fight Breaks Out At Rihanna’s Concert


Rihanna performed at TD Garden in Boston last Sunday. Apparently the crowd got really crazy as a video spiraled of a fight that broke out.

(Video) So Sad: Brooklyn Teen Jumped In Front Of Her Apartment Dies


17-year-old Tajae Warner, was jumped by a group of teens in front of her Brooklyn apartment complex. Tajae suffered server trauma to the head which left her brain dead. She passed away Tuesday night after being removed from the breathing machine. Tajae’s father, Arthur Warner, had to sit and watch his daughter be put to rest for good. So sad.

(Video) NFL: Broncos Derek Wolfe Throws Crazy Haymaker in Nightclub Brawl!

IFWT_Derek Wolfe

Broncos star Derek Wolfe tried to knockout someone during a Denver nightclub brawl, and it was all caught on tape.

(Video) Former G-Unit Member Spider-Loc Gas Station Fight Caught On Camera


“That boy been crazy.” Former G-Unit soldier Spider Loc was caught on surveillance footage brawling out with some guy in a gas station before trying to pull down some plus size woman’s pants….OK. Hit the jump for this foolery.

Grow Up!: Two Cops Get Into A Fight Over Who Can Run The Fastest And A Gun Was Pulled

IFWT_Atlanta Cops

Two Atlanta police officers were relieved of duty after getting into a fist fight over who can run the fastest and a gun was allegedly pulled. The officers were going back and forth over who can run faster and it escalated into a physical fight. Omg…..GROW UP! Are you guys in the first grade? Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

(Video) Katt Williams Punches Teen In The Face Than Gets Dropped!!


Man what is going on with Katt Williams?!.. This man just stays in the drama feed on media outlets… This time he got in a fight with a teenager, punched the kid in the face only for the youngin to come back and handle Katt making him give up on the ground! Hit the jump for this one…

(Video 18+) Crazy Gun Fight Caught On Camera In The Streets Of The Philippines


Earlier this week, a wild west style gun fight broke out in the street of the Philippines. Captured on the surveillance camera, it appears that rival gangs had it out in broad day light in the middle of a traffic jam – leaving one person dead on the pavement. Check out the wild footage below.

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