(Video) MMA: Fighter Josh Neer Beats Up Guy That Was Heckling Him

UFC on FX Weigh In

This MMA fighter just scored one for the countless athletes who are harassed by fans who could never do what they do.  MMA fighter Josh Neer — who’s competed for UFC and Bellator — obliterated a local heckler at an Iowa gym dishing out ferocious head strikes and recorded the whole thing on video.

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(Video) Boxing: Roger Mayweather Speaks On Floyd/Pacquiao Fight, Says Manny Will Get Knocked Out


You want to hear some straight honest answers when you ask a question? Then talk to Roger Mayweather! He will tell you exactly what he is thinking and it doesn’t matter what language he is using or what topic he is discussing, he is going to be blunt! As you might expect he believes Floyd will handle Manny Pacquiao with no problem if they ever fight, but Roger went further than that. He thinks Floyd will knock Manny out and the fight won’t last longer than six rounds! I don’t know about all that now, but it is entertaining listening to him explain it. Hopefully we have the actual fight to talk about soon.

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(Video) Sports: Patriots Chandler Jones Says UFC Bro Jon Jones Is Scared & Ducking Fight With Him!

IFWT_Chandler Jones Jon Jones

New England Patriots star Chandler Jones is putting his brother, UFC star Jon Jones on blast!  The defensive end is adamant about getting in the ring with his legendary UFC fighting, light heavyweight champion bro and and insists that Jon is ducking him!

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(Video) NBA: Karl Malone Says He Has a Standing Offer If Kobe Bryant Still Wants to Fight Over Vanessa!

IFWT_Kobe Malone 1

Karl Malone is from the old school where offers to fight don’t die and he hasn’t forgotten his beef with Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

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Suge Knight’s Portrayal In ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Is Reportedly What Caused The Fight

Suge Knight

It’s going to be some time before we get the full deal on what happened in Suge Knight’s fatal hit-and-run earlier this month, but more details continue to be released in the meantime. According to the latest report, the entire fight was due to Suge Knight’s likeness being used in Straight Outta Compton, something he both didn’t like and didn’t sign off on.

TMZ says Terry Carter (the man that ended up being killed) set up a meeting for Suge to discuss things with Dr. Dre, but it was Suge’s fight with actor Cle “Bone” Sloan that ended things before they could even begin. Dr. Dre denies any meeting having been set up, however.

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Bobby Brown’s Cousin Gets Called A, “Crackhead” & All Hell Breaks Loose


Look, I get it; during some emotional events in life, we all handle things a little differently. However, for the Brown family, this should defiantly be one of those times where togetherness becomes effective. Bobby Brown took some time away from Bobbi Kristina’s bedside to have dinner with family at the W. Midtown Atlanta Hotel restaurant. Dinner turned into ‘crackhead’ name-calling, bottles being swung and three people getting injured.

Find out the details after the jump.

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(Video) Oh Sh*t! A Mouthy Fan Gets Beat Down For Getting Loud With Ghostface Killah!


Rule #1: NEVER mess with the man with the mic in his hand. Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface Killah was performing at a tattoo convention in Amarillo, Texas last week when a mouthy fan started giving him the finger and cursing at him for no apparent reason. Ghostface threatened the man from the stage area, letting him know he needs to CHILL asap before he gets punched in the face. However, GK’s super loyal fans ended up jumping the dude with the attitude problem, teaching him a serious lesson. The cops dragged the man out and police questioned him, but no charges were filed. But of course just as we’d expect, the whole ordeal was caught on tape. Check out the video below!

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NBA: Horace Grant Tells About the Time Michael Jordan Punched 7- Foot, 250 LB Will Perdue


Michael Jordan is infamous for going after his teammates in practice.  He really ripped into them, not just talking trash but actually physically went after them, throwing punches.  Steve Kerr got it once. Jud Buechler another.  Even Will Perdue once — yes Michael Jordan punched Will Perdue, the 7-foot, 250 pound center.

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(Video) NFL: Tom Brady on Why He Didn’t Join Super Bowl Brawl: I’d Get My Ass Kicked

IFWT_Tom Brady MVP

The Seattle Seahawks were understandably pissed of after Russell Wilson threw an interception and costed them the game.  As Tom Brady and the New England Patriots took over, all hell broke loose.

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(Video) NFL: Massive Brawl Breaks Out Between Patriots & Seahawks On Final Play Of Super Bowl


The Seahawks apparently weren’t in the mood to take this Super Bowl loss lying down as punches were thrown and a massive fight ensued as Tom Brady tried to kneel down for the final play of Super Bowl XLIX. As Brady took the knee, Bruce Irvin of Seattle instigated some shoving and it was on from there. Patriots Rob Gronkowski looked like he was ready to rumble with anyone as other skirmishes popped off around him. It was a bad way for the game to end but it shows the fire these guys have for the game and nobody wants to make it here and lose. Because of the penalties called on the play Brady was forced to take one more knee but the damage was done.

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