(Photo) Young Thug Threatens Metro Boomin On Twitter

Young Thug x Metro Boomin

Well, if you were like me and thought this Twitter beef, between producer Metro Boomin and Young Thug would just blow over in a few days, we were wrong. In case you need to catch up, earlier this week Metro Boomin went on a Twitter rant about artists putting out multiple projects at a time, and how they would never be as successful as Future. Well, Young Thug caught wind of the tweets and took them to heart. He proceed to attack Metro in a Twitter rant of his own.

Things turned ugly, when Metro Boomin finally mentioned Thug in a tweet saying that they can meet up in person to resolve their issues and Young Thug responded with a threat!

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(Video) NFL: Blood Brothers Get Arrested At Eagles/Cowboys Game For Fighting Each Other!


Blood might be thicker than water but to these NFL fans, it isn’t thicker than your favorite team! Three actual brothers were arrested last night after getting into a fight in the stands with each other. Apparently one of them is an Eagles fan and the other two are Cowboys fans and once alcohol and who knows what else was added to the situation, it led to someone getting knocked out.

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(Video) NCAAF: Louisville Fans Fight Each Other Despite The Fact Their Team Was Winning Easily


Fans at football games can always find a reason for a good brawl, regardless of how the action on the field is going. These Louisville Cardinals fans are prime examples of that because their school was up big over Syracuse today so you think everyone would be in good spirits. Nope! A small cluster of fans got into a nice fight in the stands for about 30 seconds before police showed up.

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(Video) Sports: Oh Sh*t! Soccer Player Draws Red Card From Referee So He Decides To Knock Him Out


Referee’s across different sports here in the United States seem to have a much easier job than their counterparts overseas. Anytime you see someone attack a ref it is usually somewhere in Europe, South America or Russia. Today we present the most recent evidence from Russia of refs getting beat down for doing their jobs. This player was not going to leave the field without giving the ref a piece of his mind….or fist!

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Governor Threatens To Fight Heroine Epidemic With The National Guard


After a record death toll from drugs last year, the Governor of Maine is threatening to call in reinforcements to fight the ongoing war on drugs, if lawmakers do not help the cause. Full story after the jump.

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Sean Kingston’s Playing In A Different Court Now

Sean Kingston

Sometimes things can get a little heated when you’re playing basketball and you may feel like swinging but violence is NEVER the answer, especially when you’re a celebrity. The person is suing from an incident that happened on the court two years; Sean Kingston and his bodyguard are being sued by the guy, who says he was allegedly sucker punched during a pickup basketball at a gym.

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(Video) Soccer: Mortal Kombat Drop Kick Insights Brawl

IFWT_Drop Kick

In most sports sanctioned altercations it really goes too far. For the most part your teammates and coaches are there to to break it up, preventing suspensions. But on rare occasions you’ll have an athlete About That Life–check this soccer player’s Liu Kang Drop Kick in defense of his teammate.

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Oh? Apparently Lil Wayne and Diddy’s Crews Got Into It At LIV On Sunday

Things reportedly almost got real between Lil Wayne and Diddy at popular Miami nightclub LIV this past Sunday, but luckily, cooler heads prevailed in the end. Diddy was in town for his annual REVOLT Music Conference, and had just hung out with Wayne earlier in the day, bringing him out to perform during one of the many events. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as smoothly that night.

TMZ reports both guys had VIP booths at the club, but they weren’t all that close to each other. Wayne walked over to Diddy’s booth to say hello, and the issue began when Diddy’s security stopped him and attempted to search his crew. Wayne wasn’t having that (for good reason,) and things quickly escalated to the point that both crews were shoving each other and liquor was flying.

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(Video) Parents Want Answers After Officer Body Slams High School Student By The Neck

IFWT_Tyler Deburgo

Parents in Rhode Island gathered at a high school after a security officer at the school is caught on camera slamming a student by the neck.

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(Video) Ratchet 101: Walmart Employees In Pennsylvania Throw Hands

Woman Charged for Trying to Give Away Child at Walmart

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, leave it to Walmart employees to change that.

Two workers at a Walmart in Whitehall, Pennsylvania were caught on tape arguing and shortly after, they started to throw down right in the dressing room section of the store.

Despite the fact there were children and numerous customers present, the two still proceeded to bang it out. Of course, camera phones were taken out ASAP and the whole ordeal was captured on tape.

Check it out below!

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