Photo Credit: Instagram / @MeekMill

Yesterday afternoon, reports surfaced that Meek Mill had been arrested in a St. Louis airport after reportedly getting into a fight with two employees who’d asked for a selfie. Meek was quick to update fans and let them know he’s nowhere near a jail cell, but details around the incident are still vague.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

If you searched Twitter around the time of the incident, you can see a few witnesses say they saw the scuffle go down, and all of them said that it was Meek’s security fighting, not Meek himself. This is what I assumed as well, because you know fame and money-hungry sharks are always out looking for their chance to score!

According to TMZ, one of the employees admitted he asked to take a pic with Meek on Tuesday when he’d arrived at the airport, and when Meek refused, he “threw shade.” Obviously this means he got disrespectful – and that’s what the f*ck is wrong with these entitled “fans” these days. SMH! Then apparently on Meek’s way out of the airport the next day (Wednesday), the altercation occurred. I wonder whose side started it, though. I’d put my money on the airport workers, but ya never know.

What does appear to be true is all of the men got a misdemeanor assault charge, which could mean real trouble for Meek, as he is on probation. Hopefully he really wasn’t that stupid (which I don’t think he was,) and justice will prevail. In the meantime, the thirst has already began, and the “victims” are doing interviews now and claiming self defense. Sad times we live in today, bruh…