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(Photos) K. Michelle Blasts Her Boyfriend’s Baby Mama On Instagram?!


K. Michelle left Love & Hip Hop, but it seems the V.S.O.P singer just can’t leave a scandal. In a case of “dead-beat dad” the mother of K. Michelle’s new boo Bobby Maze’s (professional ball player) child is calling him out on not taking care of his baby. K. Michelle took up for her man of course, in plain ratchet Instagram fashion. Hit the jump and the gallery to see what the two ladies had to say to each other in the nasty argument which spawned from a simple birthday shout out..


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(Video) Young Thug The Latest Rapper On That Lean?!


I thought we(the hip hop community) were moving toward giving this drug a rest?! Well it seems as though Young Thug is not on that page, it actually looks like he’s about to give ‘Lean’ credit for his musical talent 0_0

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(Photos) French Montana Scoops His Wifey Khloe From JFK Airport In His Rolls Royce

French Montana x Khloe Kardashian at JFK

Amidst reports French Montana tried to get with a radio intern behind her back (I’m not buying it!), Khloe Kardashian was unfazed as she landed at JFK airport yesterday morning and was scooped up by her rapper beau and his new Rolls Royce. Both parties looked excited to see each other as Khloe returned back to the Big Apple from a quick trip for the fam in L.A., and were later spotted out and about on the streets of NYC running errands together. These two make such a cute couple! Check out a few more paparazzi shots in the gallery!

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(Video) Cops Using This Device Means You Just Lost Your Stash Spot!!


The Mini Z Portable Scanner, I’m saying, they previously banned it at airports because it showed too dan much…now they’ve figured out how to mush it down to a handheld deice!

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(Video) LMAO: This Is What Happens When You’re Stuck In An Airport And Boredom Strikes!


Richard Dunn is the definition of turning a really sucky situation, into pure magic; as the lone man created a dope recreation of Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’. Watch as the overly bored passenger awaits his flight by documenting his lonely experience!

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You’ll Never Guess Where Jay Z Is Opening Up A 40/40 Club..


Jay Z decides to open a 40/40 club in Atlanta Airport! On Wednesday Jay Z brought his 40/40 club to the world’s busiest airport, making it the bar’s 3rd location. The sports bar is located in Concourse D and is opened to ticketed passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Internatioal Airport. They are calling it the “airport version of the 40/40 club” and is due to open late fall.

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A NYC Man Suing For An Amount Of Money You’ve Never Heard Before After Being Biten By Dog


What the hell is an undecillion? Never heard of it? Well it’s the number 2 accompanied by 36 zeros, making it just about more money than we even have on earth and this 62 year old man from NYC wants it all. After being biten by a rabid dog on a city bus Anton Purisma filed a lawsuit last month for his “priceless” suffering. Looks like you found a price though guy.

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(Video) Kim K Catches Attitude With WHO At LAX?

kim k catches attitude at LAX

Kanye West must really be rubbing off on his bride to be! When Kim Kardashian arrived at LAX from New York, she was not too happy to see paparazzi. After swarming her with pictures and asking questions, Kim had enough when the photos tried to get in the elevator with her. To check out her reaction, click below.

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(Photos) Eek! Iggy Azalea Hits The Airport Without Makeup & It’s NOTHING Like Her Usual Look!

Iggy Azalea

No woman looks all that amazing when they go completely bare-faced…though some fare better than others. In Iggy Azalea’s case, well, it’s quite a difference from the usual look we see on the New Classic raptress. While flying into NYC for album promo, Iggy was photographed in the airport and….you can see for yourself in the gallery. Thoughts?

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(Photos + Video) And It Continues: French Montana & Khloe Kardashian Catch A Flight Together

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana at LAX

These two are on and poppin’! French Montana and Khloe Kardashian’s whirlwind romance doesn’t seem to be slowing down, as the pair were spotted at LAX by paparazzi early this morning, catching a flight with French’s entourage in tow. French has a show tonight in Washington D.C. with Ty Dolla $ign, so do you think Khloe Money will be making a guest appearance? Hmm! Video of their airport appearance below, pics in the gallery. I might just have to take that D.C. drive to check this out for myself, LOL!

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