(Video) “Cash Me Ousside” Girl Records A Song & Video With Stitches; Her Team Says She Was Tricked

Continuing to try to stretch her 15 minutes, “Cash Me Ousside” girl Danielle Bregoli appeared in a song and music video with another wannabe fame whore, Stitches. Clips of the pair filming a video in Miami surfaced last night on the web, with a preview of Danielle’s verse that goes:

“My daddy was a ghost, I pull up in the Ghost I’m travelin’ the world, Young Coast To Coast”

Good lord. This girl is 13, please remember this! Now her team is pissed, telling TMZ that their client was “bribed” into the situation and felt “uncomfortable” the whole time, but it sounds more like they’re mad she made a move that they’d advised against.

(Video) Stitches Has A Few Words For The Police Who Busted Him

Stitches has just put out a PSA for the police officers who busted him. He believes that the officers are out to get him because of his “success.”

(Photo) Cops Called After 50 Cent Threatened To Cut A Man

50 Cent is in the hot seat yet AGAIN. This time law enforcement got involved. 50 threatened to cut a man so bad that he would need 150 stitches. Atleast this is what the man is saying. Courtney “Mafi” Johnson says he booked 50 Cent’s baby mother Shaniqua Tompkins for an interview. That went left and 50 went on his Instagram rants going in on Tompkins.

(Video) Is Rapper “Stitches” Insinuating That He Had Something To Do With The Game’s Entourage Being Shot At?

In the midst of all the drama going on this morning a familiar troll reared its hilarious head. This troll? Stitches. Yes, stitches the one that was infamously KO’d by The Game’s manager Wack100. In the video stitches states “I told them p**sies , don’t come back to my city!” This didn’t end well for Stitches last time. Peep his rant, as well as a throwback video of him getting knocked out by wack after the jump.

(Video) Rapper Stitches Apologizes For Punching Fan In The Face

Over the weekend we got wiff to a story that rapper Stitches punched a fan in the face at his performance. The story came out after the fan allegedly touched the rapper’s stomach. He is now coming out to apologize and try to make amends with the fan he assaulted.

(Video) Rapper Stitches Punches Fan In The Face

Stitches made it very clear that he is not one to be messed with, even if it’s a fan. He punched a fan in the face after they touched his chest during a performance.

Tattoo Artist Turned Stitches Away Because He Says He’s Garbage

Stitches gets turned away from a tattoo artist because apparently he is garbage. The Celebrity tattoo artist at “Chapter X’s Muddymoney” refused to tattoo Stitches.

(Photos) Stitches Announced That He Has Allegedly Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Stitches has been in the media more than ever it sees like. Last year him and The Game had a little run in as well as Stitches and friends. (remember his “friends” jumped him) Looks like the rapper shared some unfortunate news. He announced that he allegedly has been diagnosed with cancer. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(Video) Stitches Fights At Celebrity Boxing Promotional Event

He’s at it again…Florida rapper Stitches (yes the guy who got knocked out by Game’s manager Wack 100), tussels with another not very well known rapper from Phili who goes by the name of Supreme Da Rezerekta. After Stitches was scheduled to fight Game in a celebrity boxing match, which is unsurprisingly not happening, now he’s scheduled to fight this guy. We don’t know why, but they just started throwing hands at the promo event before it was quickly broken up. Hit the jump.

Jason Derulo Gets 20 Stitches in His Leg After Falling In A Paris Club

Jason Derulo is currently overseas touring, however according to recent reports he’s suffered from another injury. According to BBC, Derulo was in a Paris nightclub and reportedly fell and injured his leg so bad that he needed 20 stitches. Derulo has a history of acquiring serious injuries. If you remember back in 2012 he actually broke his neck during a performance. So far, video has yet to surface of his most recent fall, however it was rumored to be caught on his boo, Daphne Joy’s snapchat. She was chatting with fans on Twitter who brought up the incident, where she simply responded, “LOL!”. The only evidence we have is a screenshot, of Derulo laughing while surrounded by doctors. I guess we’ll just have to wait for him to address the incident (or for the video to surface, whichever comes first). Click the gallery for more.

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