50 Cent is in the hot seat yet AGAIN. This time law enforcement got involved. 50 threatened to cut a man so bad that he would need 150 stitches. Atleast this is what the man is saying. Courtney “Mafi” Johnson says he booked 50 Cent’s baby mother Shaniqua Tompkins for an interview. That went left and 50 went on his Instagram rants going in on Tompkins.

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50 posted a photo of Tompkins on Instagram with the caption reading,

“I have nothing to do with him getting a buck 50 in his face … now the poor guy has to staple his face together.”

He says the post was deleted after 45 minutes. Tompkins called the police and stated he was in fear for his life. He filed an incident report and the police of Wisconsin, which is where he lives, says they will now be looking into the situation. He is now meeting with a lawyer to see what options he has.

50 is known for his Instagram outburst. He goes in on any and everything he feels the need to. We especially know that 50 and his baby mother are enemies so this was bound to happen. Let’s just hope 50 can stay out of the hot seat for a while.

Source: TMZ