(Photos) CLAP BACK : ASAP Rocky Calls 50 Cent A “Jelous Sugar Daddy”


Right when we though 50 Cent was going to have the last laugh , Harlem’s Own ASAP Rocky has something to say to the Queens rapper , hop right into the post to check it out !

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(Photo) OH SNAP : 50 Cent Calls Out ASAP Rocky For Sliding In His Ex’s DM !


ITS……..ABOUT………TO…….GO……..DOWN !!!!
50 Cent Puts ASAP Rocky IN HIS PLACE ! ASAP Rocky Slides His was into Tatted Up Hollys DM’s on Instagram. Click into the post to see how 50 Reacts !

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50 Cent Puts Alleged Stalker On Blast For Calling Him 100 Times A Day!


50 Cent has always been quite the ladies man but it seems like one woman is taking things too far. Fif went to Instagram where he posted a picture of a very attractive unknown woman. One would think it would be followed by a nice caption but no, he told all his fans how she is allegedly stalking him. 50 claims the calls has been a daily routine of hers reaching over 100 per day. Even after he changed his number, she just won’t go away. Being the jokester that he is, he asked where’s Trey Songz when you need him. LOL even Chris Brown got a good laugh out of it.
check out the photo in the gallery!

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(Photo) 50 Cents Ex Threatens To Release Pics Of Him Beating Her

Rapper 50 Cent

50 Cents Ex Threatens To Release Pics Of Him Beating Her
Looks like its getting a little out of hand in the Jackson Household.50 Cents girlfriend , who goes by the name Tatted Up Holly has something to show the world as she feels sick and tired of how the Queens Native is treating her.Click right into the post to see what Tatted Up Holly is Talking about, with some exclusive text messages between the two !

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LAWD! 50 Cent Says Ex-GF Tatted Up Holly Is “Community P*ssy” & She Fires Back Saying He Did WHAT?!

Tatted Up Holly x 50 Cent

Things just got very messy for rapper 50 Cent. The Queens emcee fired shots at his ex-girlfriend, model Tatted Up Holly, after posting a article from MediaTakeOut.com that calls her his “girlfriend” and then proceeding to say “This hoe community p*ssy.” He mentions she smashed other celebs including Trey Songz, JR Smith and so on, basically coming at her ALL types of crazy. Tatted wasted NO time firing back at 50 and even exposing a text conversation that claims he beat her up numerous times. They both ended up taking down their Instagram posts, but it could not beat the power of screenshot. Head over to the gallery to check out Fif and Holly airing out each other’s business!

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(Photo) G-Unit – “The Beast Is G-Unit” [Cover Art & Tracklist]


In case the top of this year’s music is not enough ‘good’ for you hip hop lovers, this one is sure to do the trick. Part two of The Beauty of Independence is on its way. After a long-awaited three month delay, sorry to say that G-Unit fans will have to wait one more month for the release of The Beast Is G-Unit EP. But, the good news is that the cover art and tracklist is here for the viewing. Check it out after the jump.

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(Video/Photo) MLB: 50 Cent’s First Pitch Was So Bad, MLB Network Gave Him an Award

IFWT_50 Cent pitch 1

You remember 50 Cent’s first pitch for the New York Mets game right?  Of course you do.  The pitch was so bad, it received an award from the MLB Network.

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(Video) 50 Cent Addresses SBOE Affiliate Chain Snatch

50 Cent Addresses SBOE Affiliate Chain Snatch

50 Cent Addresses SBOE Affiliate Chain Snatch to cap off what’s been a sizzling and public beef with Slowbucks since 2014 and the noted “0 to 300″ G-Unit diss track.

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Stunt 101! 50 Cent Stands In A Vault FULL Of Money!!

50 Cent

“I get money, money I got, I get”, truly explains 50 Cent. He continues to be ranked one of the top 5 wealthiest Hip Hop artists and he is definitely climbing up that ladder. In 2014, 50 signed a 78 million dollar deal to promote FRIGO Revolution Wear which is an underwear company. He stunted so hard with his latest Instagram post by posing in a vault with stacks on top of stacks of that green paper in his background. Fif captioned the photo “Still got a little Pocket money #FRIGO LMAO.”
Photo in the gallery!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Mmm.. Daphne Joy Flexes For The ‘Gram & Shows Off Her Curvy Figure


50 Cent’s bangin’ Blasian baby mama, Daphne Joy, shows off her immaculate curves in a sexy skin-tight dress for the ‘Gram. Head over to the gallery to check it out for yourself!

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