50 Cent Donates $100,000 To Autism Awareness

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50 Cent is trying to make things right after he wrongly called out an autistic teen for being on drugs. Since the incident went viral last week, the teen’s family has demanded both an apology and a monetary donation from the G-Unit rapper, at first to the tune of $1 million. After receiving the apology, however, they softened their stance, and asked that Fif merely donate $10k to an autism awareness group. He’s now done that – times 10!

EFFEN Vodka “Disappointed” In 50 Cent For Insulting Disabled Man


The brand of liquor that 50 Cent reps hard, EFFEN Vodka, is pretty upset just like the rest of the world, with his “accidental” insulting of a disabled man this past week. They expressed themselves directly to Fif.

(Audio) 50 Cent Does Not Have A Third Son


Just a few weeks ago, 50 Cent thought he had a third biological son. We now learn that he does not. 50 broke the news during a interview. He said that the boy was everything he wanted to see in his oldest son who he does not speak to.

50 Cent Apologizes For Making Fun Of Disabled Janitor


50 Cent has now came out and apologized to the disabled janitor that he was making fun of. Today we learned that the boy’s parents demanded a public apology.

(Video) Parents Of Disabled Airport Worker Demand A Public Apology From 50 Cent


Yesterday a video went viral of 50 Cent clowning a disabled worker. The internet exploded as supporters of the man went in on 50. Andrew Farrell announced yesterday that he will be taking the issue to court. Now his parents are demanding that the rapper apologize to their son.

Autistic Teen 50 Cent Made Fun Of Lawyers Up & Readies $1 Million Lawsuit


We all saw this lawsuit coming from a mile away. Over the weekend, 50 Cent took to Instagram to poke fun at a young airport employee, using his somber state as an example for the “drugged out kids” of today’s society. Problem is – the kid wasn’t drugged, he has autism AND Asperger’s syndrome, and now he’s ready to get his just due for the cyber bullying. On top of the aforementioned, Andrew Farrell’s stepdad, Ken Kramer, reports his stepson also has to wear a hearing aide, and he suffers from severe social anxiety. He says the family has lawyered up, and the only thing stopping them from suing immediately is attorney fees. They’re willing to forget it all, however, if 50 donates $1 million to Andrew’s GoFundMe page, and makes a face-to-face apology.

(Photo) Disabled Man Who 50 Cent Went In On Says He Plans To Take Legal Action


Earlier we learned about a situation that took place at a airport involving 50 Cent and a disabled worker. 50 accused the man of being high on drugs not knowing he had a problem.

(Video) 50 Cent Goes In On A Airport Employee Not Realizing He Was Disabled


50 Cent is always going in on people but this time, he went a little too far. Caught on video, he was going in on a airport employee accusing him of being high. Little did he know, the employee was disabled.

(Video) 50 Cent Makes Fun Of Airport Employee


When 50 Cent gets started on Instagram, we all can’t help but laugh. He posted a video showing an airport employee who apparently was already pretty lifted at work.

(Photos): 50 Cent Comes At Diddy’s Retirement Announcement


50 cent is notorious for expressing himself on whatever matter it may be. More commonly known for addressing his opinions when it came to other artists. Well, 50 cent..back at it again..with a diss towards Diddy’s retirement.

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