In the midst of all the drama going on this morning a familiar troll reared its hilarious head. This troll? Stitches. Yes, stitches the one that was infamously KO’d by The Game’s manager Wack100. In the video stitches states “I told them p**sies , don’t come back to my city!” This didn’t end well for Stitches last time. Peep his rant, as well as a throwback video of him getting knocked out by wack after the jump.

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If you haven’t heard because you live under a rock or cause you reached your data limit The Game and Meek Mill are beefing. The two artists took shots back and forth today via Instagram and while the storm was crazy, the remnants of a lost cause crept in the mist. Rapper “Stitches released a video that many may see as him trying his throw himself in the ring of the fiery feud. After reports of the Games entourage being shot at in Miami, stitches released the video which is below. In the video he states “I told them p**sies , don’t come back to my city!”. Many took it as insinuation that he had something to do with the shooting.. peep the vid below.

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Haha Btw heres the throwback video of stitches getting knocked out by the games manager wack 100. Guess he wants a round two lol.

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